goodness, i just had a hilarious encounter. it’s spring time here in madison, which means everybody and they momma with an agenda or special interest to hawk is out in full force on library mall.
I just got done giving some half-assed speech in class, and was thinking only of getting some food in my desperately empty stomach, making a bee line for Husnus when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a tall lanky fellow with a half-cocked smile on his face interjects himself in my path.
“Hey!!” he exclaimed in a cheerfuly booming voice. “Do you have a moment for Greenpeace?”
Don’t get me wrong. I support most of what greenpeace does. I’ve even donated a few bucks to them back in the day. So I don’t really know what was going through my head when i looked him straight in the eye, and in the most point blank fashion imaginable ….
“NOPE” shaking my head as i came to full stop in front of him (he was blocking my path). I truely wish I could have captured his face for all of you to see…. he sort of looked shocked, then puzzled, then offended, and then finally settled into a curious sort of sad dejectedness… I seriously think he looked like he was going to cry..!?
I don’ t know what it was about it, i’m sure they get turned down all the time. But i think it was just something about the particular sort of interaction at this second, the point blank refusal that’s akin to saying responding “NO” when asked if you want to save the whales. After all, who hates whales…!? I don’t think he could quite wrap his mind around it, and i began to felt really guilty… It’s not that I hate whales!! I *want* to save them! it’s just that… uhhh.umm… I guess I really don’t know *what* it was, I just said “NOPE” for some reason.
Finally he sorts of sniffles (i swear I saw a solitary tear trickle down his cheek) and says “uhhmm.. oh… okay. uhhh… have a nice day…?” (more inquiring than telling me…!?) leaving me to feel very guilty, but for some inane reason extremely bemused by the time I almost made a Greenpeace guy cry.
So I had to stop by the lab and type that up. You had to be there. Now I’m gonna go eat, and maybe donate a few bucks to the World Wildlife Federation afterwards. 1:17 pm

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  1. panda

    I’m “lamee”…?
    what on earth is that?
    (p.s. do try to keep in mind this entry is almost 5 years old, my lovely australian friend ;) )