I hate the tuesday-wednesday-thursday stretch. Wednesday sandwiched inbetween those two unsufferably long days, an exhausted panda wearily tripping home from work at 9 pm on tuesday, shuffling bleary-eyed through wednesday and getting up at 7 on thursday to work another one of those 13 hour days again.
The best thing after a long day – a long soak in the (tarepanda) tub!
I’ve been going through a “ho-hum-Japan” phase lately. I think it’s at that inflection point where it stops being “Japan” and just starts being “the everyday grind”. Work is difficult – constantly being surrounded by underachieving, uninspired, apathetic students is taking its toll on me. I am reminded of my cow-feces-soaked epiphany I had right before I quit working at the USDA. Actually, I was talking to Momo on the phone tonight and she reminded me of it (and also quickly dispelled that blossoming nostalgia I was having about the student life – I forgot how bad it sucked to spend entire weekends in the library, reaching the point one time when my friend actually came to seek me out, concerned about my mental well-being, so incomprehensible was the fevered sunday-night-e-mail I sent her).
What? I never told the cow-feces-hurling-machine story before? Well, I’m sure some of those beholden to the House of Panda have heard it before. As for the rest of you, well, perhaps I shall post it tommorrow. I want to take some pictures to provide a visual backdrop for the story, and to help you understand my current juncture in life. Believe me, cow feces are one of those things where a picture tells a thousand words. Or so I have concluded…
By the way, you know who is really hot? Rudi Bakhtiar, the night time anchorwoman on CNN. This thought actually struck me today as I was looking at CNN online at school (not to find sexually-gratifying pictures of brainy women, but rather, for some material to use in Friday’s reading class)
(NEWSFLASH – this just in! Your ALT is a sex-starved drooling idiot! But you already knew that, didn’t you?)
It’s so ironic that now that I’m in Japan I find myself attracted to everything EXCEPT Japanese girls. Well not everything. I mean, dudes are still off limit ;)
Anyway, check that picture. I remember keeping the CNN headline news channel on for hours at a time as I studied my poor dumb panda brains out back in school, despite the fact that headlines news repeats the same, uh, headlines every 15 minutes. That’s the same damn story, four times an hour, all day and all night long. I remember actually becoming excited when they would imperceptibly change one of the headlines from one cycle to the next. I would try and ‘catch’ the change, sort of like an audio-visual “Where’s Waldo?” for the incredibly pathetic and geeky set. Think “Ross” and his constant excitement about Palentology on “Friends”. Then multiply that x 1,000 and you can begin to see how sad a picture your’s truely presented, pouring over “Lehniger’s Principles of Biochemistry, 3rd. edition” while drooling with my chin propped up on my hands as I gazed with child-like infatuation at Rudi Bakhtiar disseminating the latest news headlines from “around the corner and around the world”, and periodically leaping from my seat in excitement when the wording on the title marquee changes from the previous image.
Of course, this could all be seen as a clear sign that I have some manner of CNN-related perversion that requires extensive psychiatric treatment, especially as I seem to recall having been similarly stricken by the previous night time anchor woman, Lynne Russell. (my god, I even remember all their names…. *urk*)
At this point, I think it’s time to end this little disturbing foray into my sexually-repressed psyche. I will try and post something more interesting later. Perhaps even later tonight? Maybe, though that depends on whether or not I can rouse myself from my all-day-zone-out-my-brain-Friends-marathon. I’m through the fourth season at this point.
I love the internet.
Now watching: “Episode 519: The One Where Ross can’t flirt”
(took me a bit to sort out what “TOW” meant in the tagline…)
5:50 am

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