I am panda… hear me roar!

Funny, I was even the one who took this photo, but my eyes are *still* closed…!
It’s amazing. Risa has lived in California for well over two years and has never been to the zoo. My word, if I lived anywhere near the San Deigo zoo, you can bet your butt I would be over there nearly every day fawning over their super cute pandas (bai yun and gao gao) (am i a total nerd for knowing the names of the SD zoo pandas…?)
San Diego Zoo Panda Cam
Furthermore, she has lived here in madison for well over a year and a half and yet has never been to the zoo. The zoo in Madison is free; one of the only free zoos of any note in the nation. Now, don’t get me wrong – the madison zoo is free for a reason: there are no pandas. (as far as I’m concerned, that is the true measure of a zoo’s relative worthiness rating!). And while this may not be a world-class zoo, there are still a variety of cool animals to take a look at, including lions, kangaroos, gorillas, giraffes, rhinocerous…es, and so forth.
Some of the animals were particularly fearsome in appearance…
I ‘ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to steal Risa’s G-Shock watch for the past 4 years.
So to rectify this situation, off we went to the zoo. I should say that we had an infinitely better experience than some people. I apologize for the complete lack of pictures of any cool animals. Risa took all the pictures of the animals while I preoccupied myself taking silly pictures of her instead. Cuz’ if there’s no pandas, what’s the point of photographing the animals. Really.
Risa insisted I put this picture up to make up for the cake one below…
It was nice to see Risa one last time before I head off to Japan. It sort of brings a sense of closure to my time here in Madison to be able to meet such a good friend from way back when I was just a little wide-eyed innocent freshpanda. *sniff* too bad she had to go back to San Francisco so soon!
Risa tries to explain a deep Japanese grammatical mystery to me…
*sniff* only 22 more days till I’m off to Japan (and the start of a new life…!!! *ominous music plays*). It still doesn’t seem real. For one thing, I haven’t even begun to pack yet. And there’s a million administrative details I have yet to attend to. Oh yeah – and Uncle Sam has begun calling on the tens of thousands of dollars I owe him in student loans. Ah…. c’est la vie!!!
Joe and John’s rendition of me as a South Park Character.
Exciting times…! But so much stuff to do!!
Now listening to: “D.J.Tiesto – Suburban Train”
Great track!! I’ve never heard it before, but just caught it on Digitally Imported.
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