In honor of pornholio

i give you….confessions of a porn store clerk.
also, because i thought it was cool:

- – -
as an epilogue to the pornhollio story, he is now banned from the lab. I had to talk to a scary looking police officer for about 20 minutes. *sigh* so that be that.
sent in my visa application today, along with my proof of graduation – it felt so weird to be holding that piece of paper that certifies that “Michael XXXX has successfully completed the requirements and is hereby awarded a Bachelors of Science degree in the field of Natural Science: genetics, biology blah blah blah….”
*shudder* it’s scary, for now it’s almost official – I’m no longer a student…! Just waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak, when i get my actual diploma in the mail. Then there’s no more denial for panda.
more clever stuff on the way, soon as i get off my lazy ass.
Now listening to: Some idiot upstairs playing the goddamn harmonica. SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAUUUGGHHHHH!!! *urk gurglell rurugghhhhh…..*
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