Its the remix to Ignition…

This is actually the *OFFICIAL* Sprite Remix “wallpaper”.
I am currently drinking sprite REMIX. It does not taste very “remixed” to me. Rather, much like stale Hawaiian Punch.
Ahhh!!! the Japan countdown is on now…. officially one week from today – i will be living a completely different life on the other side of the world. I can hardly believe it. I have so much stuff left to do here!!
much love to wantin for bringing me toast. seriously, she has saved me from utter starvation more times than i care to count.
tommorrow is scott and jenn’s wedding!! *sigh* who woulda’ guessed he’d be the first of us to go…? now i’m feeling old. But today is friday, and today is also Maxwell Street Days on State Street (think gigantic open-air Moroccan Bazaar, minus all the yummy fruit flavored hooka smoke). I was elated, as I got a couple of French Connection shirts at a great price (can’t beat 50% off!) (errmm… except for 75% off….)
well this is certainly a disproportionately tall picture…
Not much else going on. Working 14 hours straight today. *sigh* Must finish sorting countless sheaves of paper…
Now listening to: “Globe – Any time smoking Cigarette”
(This song always makes me long for a Zippo so I can lean back against a brick wall in a leather jacket and casually flick it open and close)
[EDIT]: I finally found some money!!! Now I’m no longer “PO-AH~!” as Jake would say. (I’ve been glancing nervously at that 44 cents in my bank account since wednesday, hoping my paycheck would beat the check I wrote the pizza guy wednesday night ;) It did! HOORAY!!!)
3:15 pm

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