Just an ordinary day…

fuuuuhhh…. just another day. My first official “real” paycheck is on Thursday. Whoo-hoo!! I am thinking about taking a trip somewhere just to celebrate, especially since I have cultural furlough all this week.
I`ve come to the conclusion that the hood can be very pretty in the rain. Actually, I like the way Japan looks in the rain in general. Even the most crappy psuedo-slummy area in the biggest of cities looks so much more… japanese when the rain drips down clay tiled roofs, sheets down coarse concrete walls, trickles down bamboo slats covering old windows.
Add to the hood’s “natural untouched beauty” as an “ancient fuedal castle town” (that miraculously has never been bombed/invaded/burned down and/or flattened by an earthquake, unlike virtually every other major city in Japan) and you get some truely spectacular vistas, like winding streets walled in on either side by tall roughly-hewn rock walls, with rain wisping down from soaring, ancient leafy green trees stretching far up into the sky above, or moss growing on a rock surrounded by puddles in the middle of a cobblestone road, with brown gutters made of hollowed bamboo shoots feeding a steady trickle onto a well-worn clay pot next to the road, old women sweeping water off to the side of the welcome mat, the ever-present streams feeding the rice fields churning with gray frothy liquid, the spli-shing whirl of bike tires flinging water up as they pass by…
grays, greens and browns mixed with …. wetness that seems so sad, and fertile at the same time, and there`s this quietness that comes when you walk down the road, people hiding under a myriad of different colored umbrellas, and the sounds echo within the focal point formed by their concave parabolic arch, your own personal theater to watch the world from, chirping of crickets and padding steps of stray, bedraggled cats slipping behind you falling into your ears in crisp, umbrella-inspired dolby surround… and you glance behind and see your footsteps exist for one brief second in time in the moist gravel behind you before they get re-absorbed into the harmonic oscillating concentric circles of raindrops marking their final descent to earth.
A pretty place, in the quiet murky grayness of the rain.
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(Uhh, I walk around with a knife in my back / Talkin `bout a bad day, I live a life like that)
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