Mistar Parrot

I spent all weekend studying for the LSAT, translating documents for work, mirroring my blog and production server onto my local machine (with varying degrees of success) and taking pictures of animals.

mistar parrot

Since only the last one is of any visual interest (unless you have an unhealthy obsession with the OS X terminal window), here are a few pictures of parrots for your enjoyment.

mistar parrot

Something that was kind of odd about these parrots was that even though they weren’t tied down or anything, they didn’t fly away. I suppose perhaps their wings were clipped, but I still wonder why they didn’t even leave their individual branches in the couple of hours I was at the zoo. You know, like they could have hopped around or something, even if they couldn’t fly?

mistar parrot

Alas, I know nothing about parrots or parrot husbandry so I suppose this question shall remained unanswered unless one of my lovely readers knows something about bird keeping and cares to enlighten me in the comments section.

mistar parrot

Well, one more picture of the parrot after the jump (but it pretty much looks like all the rest above) and more pictures of animals later this week. But for now, off to bed.

mistar parrot

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  1. SabineM

    Wow, these are fabulous photos of the parrot! Did you shoot these in RAW?
    Just gorgeous!

  2. Erika

    Your photo shooting skills are excellent, the parrots really look amazing! I came across this blog by accident when researching about possible colour dyes for my hair (and came across your post with orangy hair :P ). Anyway i’ve bookmarked this blog, its fantastic (I also really wish to visit Japan but too expensive for me presently being a student), i love your posts (and the panda collection!!) – keep up the great work – Erika (From Malta – Europe)

  3. andrew

    Good luck with the LSAT. Back in San Diego, I worked as a paralegal for a number of years. Fortunately for me I didnt have to take LSAT to do it.
    BTW paralegals do all the work..lawyers make all the money.