More wedding pictures

Since I know everyone is so incredibly interested in the wedding of people they have most likely never met, and because I have nothing else of note to post today, enjoy some more pictures from the wedding.
The lovely bride and I take a moment to pose for the camera.
John’s tie matches Jenn’s wedding dress!!
Not wanting to feel left out, Yujia poses with the smashingly handsome groom.
Group pic! Plus some strange dude in the background trying to get some cake.
The dog refuses to give me back MY chewtoy. Grrr….
Today as I was walking to work, an old lady on the street stopped me and asked me where the “Vilas Theater” was. Since she was literally standing across the street from the big brown building that said (in equally big brown letters) “Vilas Hall University Theater”, I pointed at it and replied “Oh, it’s just across the street” in my nicest I-was-a-boy-scout-so-I-wanna-be-nice-to-old-ladies. I was just about to offer to help her cross the street (ladies, have you met a nicer, more clean cut boy? (^_^)v ) when she replies (rather crossly!)
“No, that’s not it!!”
I take a moment, draw in a deep breath, then confirm that she is in fact, looking for the “Vilas (student) Theater”. So once again, I point her to the building across the street. At this point, she stares at me with cold beady little old woman eyes and retorts:
“If you don’t know, just say so..! Don’t pretend!!”
Speechless, my mind briefly flirted with the idea of pushing her into traffic and running. Why the hell would you ask someone for directions then mouth off to them when they try and help you..!? And st-00-pid lady, I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT..!!
I resist the urge to commit third-party vehicular homicide and sort of just turn around and walk away. It’s a good thing Japanese immigrations doesn’t look to favorably on criminals or else that grumpy old lady would’a been in trouble!
Days left until Japan: 5.
FIVE…!!?? AAUUUGGHH….!!!! *runs around screaming in panic, realizes he doesn’t even have any clean underwear*
10:20 am

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