Morning Tea

A bit too busy to write a full length post today, but one will be forthcoming soon. In the interim, a picture of some creepy half-naked Kewpie Mayo Babies that suddenly appeared on my breakfast table the other day.

breakfast with sunflowers and kewpie dolls

And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t post a random picture of my less-than-healthy breakfast of champions earlier this week. Speaking of which, it’s like 7:40 am on Saturday morning and I have all sorts of things to do today (unfortunately) so I’d better get dressed and go hunter-gather some food.

breakfast of champions

And this one is for my mystery kiwi reader – did you ever come back? Did you see the previous post featuring all the pandas I made for you?

panda dumpling in yokohama
Panda dumpling in Yokohama last weekend

Okay, write more later. Sleepy. Hungry. …Truly a panda.

Now listening to: R.Kelly – I’ma flirt (feat. T.I. & T-pain)

Okay, this song is tight, but can someone please tell me what the frick he is wearing on his face in half these shots? They look like black sequin bumble bee eyes. Kel, you look ridiculous!

(Oh and stop peeing on 12 year old girls)

5 Reactions

  1. Lorelei

    Hey Panda,
    sorry I have been AWOL recently – big things are happening in Lorelei-ville these days, big!
    Will write soon, must sleep now. It’s 4 am in Berlin and I just got home from a night on the town. Birds are singing, sky is getting light, Lorelei is going to bed now.

  2. momo

    mmm, what are you having for breakie? is that bimbambop?! i prefer my egg raw, or if sunny side up, on the runny side.

  3. moritheil

    I like how the electronics take up as much space as the food. Truly the breakfast of a modern man (or panda!)

  4. Buffy

    Nice to know I’m not the only one who finds Kewpie frightening.
    My mother use to buy them for me when I was a child. Our neighbour knitted clothes for them and sold them as crafts to sit atop toilet paper rolls or something. Whatever. I dunno.