Things are pretty busy here so I’m afraid this is going to have to be a quickie post. On a slightly unrelated note, thanks to everyone who brought the problem with the commenting errors to my attention – that has been fixed so everything should work fine now, sorry about that! Not much else to say about this post other then it’s vaguely “morning” themed – enjoy!

Early morning shopping

They say the best part of waking up, especially after a night out, is “Folgers in your Cup”. But if you’re like me, the list of things in your house with nutritional value is limited to:

  • a bag of flour
  • a half-eaten snickers bar
  • sugar
  • a rotting husk of cabbage
  • an expired egg
  • dried basil
  • a packet of soup mix

Hunter Gathering Success!

When presented with the choices, KC decided it was probably best to go out to get some food. Probably a wise decision…

Incidentally, I ended up eating the soup packet and the half-snickers bar for dinner. It was unnervingly delicious….

Mornings in the inaka

The view outside of KC’s window at 6:30 am. The deep countryside looks so quaint, so cute, huh? You can see the bright sun, the chirping birds (well, the deathsquawks of marauding crows, but whatever), the farmers’ trucks as they set up for the morning market…

The apocalypse…

…. and then you pan over to the left and see what appears to be the impending apocalypse bearing down on you bringing the fury and rage of the oceans from just over the other side of the mountains. *gulp* It’s times like these that I wish Japanese apartments weren’t made of paper and wood…

The morning after…

Walking down the street Sunday morning, KC and I spot a casualty of a big party from the night before slumped in a chair outside a Starbucks. This fellow, whom I vaguely recognized as having spoken to once or twice in a convenience store before, was not only passed out, but was snoring with a degree of alacrity one can only describe as “alarming”. (Incidentally, I once heard John Madden utter the phrase “He’s making his way up the field with alarming alacrity” on Monday night football once. It was… surreal. )

It seemed a damn shame for his Venti tazo tea to oversteep (clearly it was having little effect on him anyway), so we decided to wake him up (also, a bunch of Japanese girls inside the shop were laughing at him, and I felt sorry for the guy).

“Hey, uhh… dude! Wake up!”

He jolts awake with that snorting spit swallow horse noise that everyone does when startled from a deep sleep. He flips his hand up by his mouth to check for (mercifully absent) drool. To his credit, he tried to play the move off by continuing the sweep of the hand up past the cheek and up through his hair, as if slicking it back.

“oh… hey guys. wow. where am i?”

“uhh, you’re in a starbucks downtown. rough night last night, huh? what happened? You looked fined when we left you at the party!”

“uhh… starbucks? What? Err… party? Hey – ” (he picks up his tea) “what is this?”

“Yeah, so, ummm, … you take care now…. bye!”

Poor guy! I wonder if he managed to get home?

Now listening to: “Utada Hikaru – Hayatochi (remix)”
utada hikaru

Soro soro heya kara dete oide
itsumade tatte mo kienai kara jijitsu
tsumazuku sugata wo mirareta toki no you ni
foroo sureba ii no ka na

Daitai kimi mo zurui ja nai kai
oseji ja nai yo
mata watashi no hayatochiri

Omowaseburi dewa sukarete shimau yo?
Usotsuki na dake dewa kirawarechau yo?
… You said my love don’t mean a thing. How much I love you …
… That’s ’cause you don’t know how much I love you …

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  1. kc

    i like this one. morning is good. i didn’t know you took those pictures outside of my apartment! probably because i was sleeping…you got up hella early. what happened to that terrible pic of me you took after i had just woken up in your apartment?
    this has been a rambling meaningless comment by kc

  2. ben

    Busy lately?! Well, you’re not the only one! And oh … great capture of the man in the last picture.

  3. amelie

    So…I’ve done it again. Your package was all boxed up and nicely ready to go…it was even IN THE CAR! imagine! THen somebody else got in the front seat and the package was thrown into the back seat. *le sigh*
    There it sat for a while and then it got grossly hot and everything in it melted. Luckily, the non-food items were unharmed. I’m going to send it this week sans chocolatey goodness from EASTER. lol
    Sorry…AGAIN! :) It’s our way, right? :)

  4. moritheil

    Panda not only tells us amusing things, he teaches us possible methods to salvage our dignity when being suddenly woken up!

  5. liz b

    okay so I have absolutely nothing to do all this week and I’m going to finally, finally finish sending those cd’s and shit. I was away at the beach all last week…and before that I had graduation and finals and choir and all that bullshit and I’m really sorry. :[ BUT your letter will be really exciting because I have good stories! But yeah, I’m sorry I’m lazy and procrastinate and just suck in general.

  6. momolo

    BWAHAHAHAHA! I’d not only be laughing at him, but taking pictures too before waking him up!
    BTW, I did receive your postcard the other day! IT IS AWESOME! Thank you so much. ^-^