Nighttime Sakura

Nighttime sakura on a rainy, drenched sunday evening in Tokyo. Can you believe this is the only shot of the cherry blossoms I got all weekend?

sakura in tokyo

The irony of it is, last weekend was the last opportunity to see the cherry blossoms in prime bloom here in Tokyo (northern parts of Japan bloom later). Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day, so I thought about going to see them then, but decided in the end to be a good panda and stay home and study, figuring I’d reward myself by going to see the cherry blossoms the next day. And the next day, of course, it rained torrentially. *sigh* That’s what I get for trying to put studies ahead of fun :)

Depending on the timing and things, I might take a trip up to Matsumoto or somewhere later in April to catch the cherry blossoms up there. We’ll see. Other exciting stuff in the works as well, both for the pandablog (I promised a site revamp ages ago and have not forgotten) and travel-wise. Stay tuned.

Okay, back to work and study. Le Sigh.

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  1. Sabine Munshi

    oh how gorgeous!Wish I could fly back to see Japan in the Spring!
    TAKE LOTS of photos. I live through your photos!!!

  2. ashan

    See, that’s precisely why one should always indulge one’s whims and fancies as they come along. Work (quite annoyingly) *always* waits.
    The cherry blossoms in DC are just going into full bloom this week and I’m going early this morning (it’s 4am) to enjoy it before the throngs of tourists make their appearence.
    Sorry for the long silence – lots up. Much to do. Still no job. :( The quest continues. Hope you’re doing well!

  3. Jacinda

    It is so nice to see blooms and color, as I once again watch it snow outside. Someday, Spring will come to Wisconsin.

  4. Kala

    this is a beautiful picture i love um where did you take it in Tokyo ? i hope what ever the reason your doing this you secede in it. thanks for posting such a beautiful pic

  5. Michaelpanda

    Thank you for the kind comment! This picture was taken in Kameido (亀戸), which is located a few stops away from Akihabara on the JR Sobu line. There are several exits from the station, but one of them (I’m sorry, I forgot which one) leads near a large shopping complex. Next to this complex is a long road which runs along a canal and is lined with Sakura (cherry) trees, forming a long sakura tunnel leading away from the station. It is beautiful in the spring!

  6. Kala

    thank you for taking the time to tell i intend to visit Japan someday and when i do i hope i got to see the this for my self i adore this picture so much.

  7. michaelpanda

    @Kala: No problem! I hope that someday you can come to Japan and see the sakura for yourself!
    By the way, if you tell me your e-mail address, I’d be happy to send you a full-sized copy of this image :)

  8. kala

    wow thanks i i’d love that! thanks you being kind enough to respond back and Airegotoe go-sai-e -ma-su I’m pretty sure that means thank you very much in Japanese. I do have one question why did you move to japan?

  9. Michaelpanda

    @Kala My pleasure! I’ve sent an e-mail just now to your address with a larger version of the picture attached. Let me know if you get it! :)

  10. Kala

    hi Michaelapanda um I’m sorry to bug you but can you tell me how to say “the shadow sakura” in Japanese by borther is going to send me his swords and i think it’s time it got a name