No Chicken, No Life

Sign spotted outside a downtown Izakaya (Japanese-style bar).

no chicken, no life

Hard to argue with this sentiment I suppose!

Speaking of chickens everlasting – (actually, this has nothing to do with eterna chickans, that was a horrible transition) – I am planning on taking my new pretty baby out and about this weekend to take some pictures.

Originally, I had planned to head over to Narita-san temple in Narita (town next to the international airport) to get some images of this rather impressive temple (it reminds me of Eiheiji Temple in Fukui Prefecture in many respects), but then I just realized that this Saturday is the Emperor’s birthday.

Now normally I wouldn’t care, but the Emperor’s birthday is one of only two times in the year when the general public is allowed to see the inner grounds of the Imperial Palace (the other beingJanuary 2nd). In addition to this, you can also be part of the mad pressing geriatric crowd waving paper Japanese flags, shouting “banzai” and straining to hear the Emperor speak secluded behind his bulletproof glass windows dozens of meters away.

Now I don’t even know if you’re allowed to bring a camera or not and even if it is allowed it’s not like I’m exactly gonna be posing buddy buddy next to the Imperial family, but it is a rare chance to enter the Imperial Palace.

*sigh* I can’t decide. Faithful pandablog readers, help me. Which would you rather see? The mad press of the crowd and a tiny vaguely-emperor shaped speck far off in the distance celebrating his birthday, or the impressive, but-in-the-end-just-another-temple that is Narita-san? You vote, I obey! But hurry, you’ve only got till Saturday morning ;) !!

Now listening to: Dane Cook – Retaliation: Struck by a Vehicle

This guy gets nailed.. this is the setup.
He’s walking down the street and he’s doing that wacky speed walk.. he’s got the buds in his ears, and I don’t know what you’re listening to that makes you do this fucking walk.
Maybe just a tambourine or maracas.
You’re just.. *shookashookashookashooka*.
So Johnny Tambourine is walking down the street, he’s got the “not a good time to cross” signal. As he’s going across, I see the car *car noise* coming down the street. When I see the car coming, I’m like “yesssss finally. don’t talk to me. don’t talk to me I gotta see this.”
*collision noise*

The guy goes flying into the air, his shoes flew off.
When you get hit by a car, sometimes your shoes will fly off. Sometimes your pants will come off.
But I was not fortunate enough to see the pants portion on this strike.

And before I go any further, here’s the best part. This is how he lands on the other side of the car — which was a dodge by the way, and I thought that was kind of funny and ironic. I just — I got a little humor out of that. I did try to help this man, as the car was coming towards him I reached out and I said “ohhhhh. ohhhhh.”

That’s all I could think of to say. theres so many things now in retrospect that I would love — I would love to have been like “you’re about to get struck by a vehicle!!!”

I did not have time to say “You’re about to get struck by a vehicle” so I went with “ohhhhh!” which is like a concerned moan.

3 Reactions

  1. ashan

    I vote *for* the madding crowd. :)
    (If only Princess Kiko had had a daughter!)

  2. felix

    I vote for going to the Imperial Palace. It’s one of those “you gotta do it…once” kinda thing. Like living in NYC and going to the Thanksgiving parade, or living in San Francisco and going to Halloween in the Castro. It’s crazy, the crowds are maddening, it was /quite/ an experience, and you will never have to do it again.
    Besides, the Narita-san temple will always be there, and you should save it for one of those weekends when you feel that you need to get away – but not too far away from Tokyo.

  3. andrew

    I think you can bring a camera. My Friend Son Nguyen went last year, and took a few pictures.
    Do you get lots of time off for new years?
    Hope you are having a good time.