No more leaves in summers sky…

who would have thought that the joys of graduation would be so quickly replaced by the mind-numbing boredom of “real life”?
It is memorial day weekend; more pressingly, it is the one-week mark denoting the end of the first five days spent in the “real” world. My accomplishments so far this week?
1. Bought a pack of beef-flavored Ramen noodles at the local grocery store
2. Ate Ramen noodles all week
3. Got sick of beef flavored ramen noodles.
4. Went back to aforementioned grocery store, bought chicken flavored ramen.
5. Ate Chicken ramen noodles.
6. Realized there is actually no difference between beef and chicken flavored ramen.
7. Went to the gym. Once.
8. Ate more ramen.
Actually, I did manage to do something industrious today (as I was languishing in agony at work, my body reminding with ever piercing jab that it had been a looooong time since last I had been to the gym). I made a little schedule, and filled it with all sorts of “productive” activities I would like to accomplish, like exercise, practice my kanji, take up rock climbing, wash my clothes (shudders at the thought of the ominous looking gray pile in the corner of his room….) and so forth.
I had an interesting experience this morning. When I was applying to the JET program, I needed two letters of recommendation; one of which I requested from my Technical Japanese professor, a very kind, grandfatherly-like individual.
Thanks in large part to his letter, no doubt, I got accepted, and I thought it only fitting that I should buy him a thank you card. Unfortunately, I was swamped with homework last week (during finals week) so when I happened to run into a female aquintance at the lab (Becky) who mentioned she was going to the book store, I asked if she minded picking me up a thank you card for my professor. “No problem!” she replied, and sauntered off with my 4 bucks in hand.
As it turns out, there was a slight….ahh, complication. You see, Professor Davis looks like this:
And the card my dear friend Becky returned with looks like this:
She ran off as I opened my jaw to protest, and I was left holding a shiny, glittery, translucent card in my hand.
“well, maybe it won’t be that bad…!” I thought, as I opened the card. WRONG. It was worse. The inside reads “Wishing you happy moments that flutter around you on your birthday, bringing you smiles you’ll always remember”
It’s wasn’t even a thank-you card. It was a birthday card. And it was coated in glittery butterflies and embossed flowers. Despite my overwhelmingly strong natural impetus towards laziness, I realized I simply could not give this card to professor davis.
So today, card in hand, I tramped off to the bookstore.
“Hello!” I said, cheerfully handing the clerk the glittery butterfly-love card. “I should like to exchange this!”
The clerk looks up, decidedly unimpressed by my sunshiney demeanor. He takes the card out of the bag and glances at it, flipping it open and reading the message.
“What, ” he quips, “did their birthday get cancelled?”
I feign a smile. “No, no, it’s just too….” I search for the right word – “lovey dovey…”.
Dour bookstore clerk levels me a steady gaze. “And what’s wrong with love…?” he retorts. I notice he’s not even beginning to touch his cash register or fill out any paper work for a reciept. I am confused.
“uhhh, nothing…” i stammer back. “It’s just that this is for a teacher, and I don’t think that it’s appropriate. It’s not even their birthday”.
Clerk is staring me down good-bad-and-the-ugly style. “Then why…” he replies, his voice dripping with the sarcastic tone of one about to pounce on a hapless victim – ” did you buy it in the first place…? Didn’t you read it…?”
I shuffle my feet. Another customer has queued in behind me. Caught there, in the heat of the moment, between the cross hairs of an acid-tongued book store clerk, and the impatient throat clearing of a harried customer, I panicked.
“uhhh… uhhhh……uhhh….” I stammered – “I’m sorry! I don’t need to exchange it!”
And with that I snatched my card from the clerks outstretched hand, eyes averted from his derisive stare, and left the book store.
And now I am sitting here at work, like the rest of you, wondering: “What the hell was that all about……!!!????”
Now listening to: “Andain – Summer Calling (airwave club mix)” (oohhh…. want to be clubbing…)
******** EDIT ********
A friend sent me this picture. I think it’s hilarious:
10:58 pm

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