Nothing interesting at all

I am taking nenkyuu (annual leave) for the rest of the week. Reason? I am bored as hell, and I have finished my sole english novel (all 1200 pages of it), which leaves the terrifying specter of being forced to sit at my desk all day reading one of the 27 dictionaries my predecessor was kind enough to leave for me.
I think we are going up to anamizu for some festival / get drunk at cat`s house and sing horrible, ear-rending karaoke at the tourette syndrome karaoke madam`s house.
My birthday is on saturday – in honor of that, I am gonna go get a little early b-day shopping in ;) . Mono comme ca had better get their staff ready!!
Hopefully I can be inspired to write something more interesting later on this week!
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(Benicio delToro is hot as hell, or so I`ve been told by many of my female friends)
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