“Nu-uh! According to my Japan p3n0s…”

The battle for Japan has officially begun….
I was sitting at breakfast along with 6 other gaijin, sort of aimlessly staring at the ceiling (jet lag, you see… plus the chandeliers were so pretty…) when some arse in a big ugly green jersey (mind you, i`m pimping a suit!) starts babblign on about the intricacies of `wa` and `ga`. at this point gaijin #2 starts in not-so-subtly letting us know that HE studied japanese for 6 years, has a japanese girlfriend, blah blah, and so HE KNOWS what`s really up!! at this piont, ms. know it all gaijin #3 starts informing us that as a holder of a MASTERS IN JAPANESE STUDIES, SHE knows what`s actually going on….
clueless wide-eyed JET #4, having never left little town in montanta before now unfortunately opens his mouth to say something about aomoir ken where he`s going, which is sort of like throwing a baby calf into a pool of piranhas because they open up on him with the quickness:
“oh, well, when i lived in japan before for three years…”
“oh, don`t you know that aomori so so famous for its…. …”
“Oh!!! you should totally go to such-and-such-out-of-the-way-dive-of-a-bar no one has ever heard of or will ever seek out, but the mere mention of which serves only to show the rest of us just how much YOU know about japan…”
and so forth.
Me, i slam my breakfast in silence, and get ghost as soon as possible.
The war for Japan has begun. Every gaijin has staked out their territory, surveyed their opponents…. probing, watching, testing… to see their place in the gigantic pecking order-cum-hiearchy of foreigners in Japan. JET – the world`s biggest…. measuring contest.
In the end there can be only one… Who`s side are you on?
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