Of Pandas, Pears and Home-made Butter…

Okay, it’s hot outside and I’m lazy, so let’s try something new here and go with the first ever panda videoblog. But first, a random picture of a strangely quiet Akihabara.

tokyo in the summer

And now, a rambling video about pears, supermarkets and making your own butter at home (in case you ever wanted to).

How do you feel about videoblogs? Love? Hate? Think I desperately need a haircut? :) Leave it in the comments section below! :)

Now listening to “Planet Asia – G’s & Soldiers (feat. Kurupt)

There’s little redeeming about this song other than the heavy beat. But you should try vacuuming your house to it. Never has housework been so thugged out before. ;)

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  1. Lorelei

    Oh, I forgot what a cute panda you are! (*-*)
    But indeed, you seem to need a haircut.
    Another cute panda: Kung Fu Panda – did you catch it yet?
    Maybe you should try baking a Fanta cake. I remember back when I was in elementary school, cakes with lemon soda in it were the thing to bring for bake sales. Oh, and did you know that Fanta was invented in Germany in 1940, because they couldn’t get the syrup for making Coke from the USA due to shipping restrictions?
    I guess I’m rambling again. Anyway, cute video, cute panda, have a fantalicious week!

  2. michaelpanda

    hmm, looks like something is messed up with vimeo (the external service I’m using to host the video). Try back in a few hours maybe? *sniff*

  3. Marty

    and I like the video blog too. It’s good stuff.

  4. SabineM

    love the video blog.
    And when you make your fanta orange cake, I want a slice!
    Maybe you should move to Ca…lots of pear!

  5. Monique

    That was good!
    Although in some sections you mumbled a bit. And yes, you need a new haircut ;)
    I never knew it was that easy to make butter!! Even though I hardly eat it.
    As it happened, I just bought two peaches from MaxValue. 350 yen.
    Yamagata is pear country!! You should come up here again!

  6. Paul

    When we moved to WI, I was in first grade, which would have put you in fifth grade. So how did you learn to churn butter in third grade? It must have been later than that!
    Technicality aside, funny… although I never got to do this and I feel ripped off. I think I am going to do this sometime…

  7. andrew

    thanks for the video. I enjoyed it, and laughed.
    I dont mind video blogs, however I dont think I would make one myself…mostly because I hate the sound of my voice (worse than Rod Stewart in my opinion.)
    take care

  8. Anonymous

    do you like pears? it’s a little unclear to me…
    ahahha i love video blogs! it’s easier than reading sometimes. do more! ps i can’t do math in my head either..or count..so don’t feel bad.

  9. Anonymous

    oh yeah that was my, liz b. too bad it’s not the first time i’ve forgotten to put my name in there.

  10. LH

    Thoroughly enjoyable vlog! Your Wisconsin accent shines through nicely!

  11. charles

    Great video, entertaining and educational. More videologs would be cool.

  12. elle

    haha i’ was actually searching for pandas on google and i landed here. Your vlog is really entertaining. Those are some expensive pears you’re talking about there, why don’t try to plant a pear tree? my backyard has this pear tree my parent planted 2 years ago. Every year we get to enjoy these yummy pears now, it’s those tan-colour round ones with little dots.
    You should have more vlog and pictures. (i love your camera’s image quality, makes me wanna have one.. now i have to save up for one..)

  13. Alexis

    Nice blog Panda! Hope you are doing well. I personally like the video blog for some variety but since I rarely ever give my full attention to surfing the intarnetz, its hard to multi task :)
    Take care!