Off to Osaka


The Umeda Sky Building

Off to Osaka for 10 days to study Japanese. Hopefully my Japanese will improve. We’ll see.

Don’t have much time to write, so enjoy the random pictars from this past weekend:


Panda doing his best Johnny Depp impression and wielding his ’9 whilst Yuki mugs for the camera


Panda, a very drunk Nikki and Jenn shy from the camera flash.


What JETs do in the inaka: Hold championship bowling tournaments.


Panda maybe shouldn’t have had that last drink – The Drunkening in full effect.

I have to catch a train in 5 hours. Let’s hope I can wake up by 6 am.


Sunset from the top of the Umeda Sky building observatory high above the city.

Update when I get some intarweb access.

Now listening to: The Corrs – “Summer Sunshine”

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