Sorry for the lack of updates. Something like this happened:


(minus the car this time but the effect was similar)

and now I’ve got something like this:

panda arm

Sealpanda looks on with pity…


Interesting factoids:

  • You know how much it must seem to suck if one’s handlebars came loose while they were riding along at a good clip? Well, it really does suck that much.
  • 90% of Japanese hospitals are closed on weekends – Sundays especially.Apparently Japanese people must only get hurt M-F.
  • X-Ray techs roped into working on Sundays tend to have a rather … relaxed approach to their profession. I got 5 successive X-rays with my hand propped up on top of a ratty box of fruit…! they happened to have laying around the room for some reason, with no protective apron, flourescent lights that flickered everytime they took an X-ray, all administered by a guy eating his lunch as he worked…
  • It’s really hard to wipe your bum if your right hand is immobilised in a splint…

Ah well, C’est la vie. I’m still alive at least. More updates, including the Kyushu trip (you can read Pooky’s take on it here)when I regain usage of my arm again!

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  1. kc

    i didn`t do it. :) just kidding panda…i hope you`re doing okay! is it a break or a sprain? aw, no more roughhousing and terrorizing for a while, huh? having the handlebars come off while you`re riding fast sounds really scary…hope you`re resting up now and doing okay.

  2. kc

    and oh my god! i didn`t notice this until just now but i have that stuffed animal in the picture…well, close to it. but mine is a lot bigger and the little seal has a rabbit costume on instead of the panda costume. jess has the same one as me, only in a different shade. i sleep with mine every night.
    the name of jess` sealrabbit is “poppy” and mine is “tarty”. don`t ask. :) take care panda!

  3. Liz B

    Aw, I hope your arm feels better!
    I read Pooky’s entry and it was certainly amusing. I can’t wait to read your entry about it, haha.
    Oh, another thing: I scrolled down and read her previous entry (nice baking, btw) and I’ve never heard cupcakes called fairy cakes before..I like that name better!


    aaw. arm injuries are crappy. i broke my left arm once….and i’m left handed! it’s such a pain, and then your arm gets all funky, literally! yuck.


    when i had to go to the hospital for the great food poisoning of 2004, none were open after 6 pm >_< i finally went to one of 2 emergency rooms in sapporo (the 5th largest city!!) to meet with the ONE doctor on duty that evening.
    poor panda with the messed up paw.