Panda Cereal

Boy is panda sleepy! It’s 2:30 am, and how have I spent my Friday night? Ironing.
Look what my folks sent me from the US – THE GREATEST CEREAL IN THE WORLD.!!
Actually, not just any sort of ironing, but intense, in-your-face full fledged production type ironing – even including some spray starch for good measure.
So what prompted this little sojourn into premature panda domestication? Well, panda, like all other recontracting JETs, has a “business trip” down in Tokyo next week he must attend to. Since I do dearly love Tokyo and it’s been a while since I’ve been there (the last time was when I became horribly and terribly sick from the evil undercooked mouseburgers in Tokyo Disney Land and spent the next week trying not to die whilst laying alone, fevered and shivering in my cold, lifeless and barren room), I decided it would be a good idea to go down a couple of days early and maybe meet up with some friends, do some shopping, etc.
Mmmm…. yummah!!! I could eat this for every meal and still not get tired of it!
The upside of this is that I get to get out of the inaka for a while.
The downside is that I have to have everything ready and packed ahead of time.
Which brings us back to the exposition of this entire affair, namely me slaving over a hot ironing board trying to press out some stubborn wrinkles on the sleeves of my dress shirts. I think that I would have a lot more success in this endeavor if my ironing board wasn’t roughly the size of a clipboard (it takes a while to finish a shirt when you can only iron approximately 1.3 square inches at a time), or if my iron maybe got hot on occasion (instead, since it doesn’t get hot enough to create steam, what happens is that water sort of pathetically dribbles out of the holes in the metal plate and just creates big sopping wet blotches all over whatever it is I am desperately trying to press).
Nonetheless, The House of Panda Book of Ironing has decreed one simple solution for all of these ailments and more – starch. Eager to get that “fresh from the dry cleaners” look and feel to my beleagured business wear, I ran to the store earlier today and bought a big bottle of spray starch and went to town. 1/2 a liter (literally) of spray starch later, I had starched…
a) 3 dress shirts
b) 2 pairs of pants
c) 2 other shirts
d) a couple of ties, on accident
e) my left leg (repeatedly) and most exposed skin surfaces
f) my floor, utterly and completely.
g) a textbook that happened to be situated nearby, by mistake
So yeah… I went a little overboard with the starch! *laughs*
Anyway, that’s about that. I am (almost!) finished packing and after doing a few other assorted things around the house (first and foremost: tracking down the source of the dodgy smell that seems to be wafting through my kitchen, lest it fester while I am gone and then overpower me when I return) I’ll try and catch a quick pandanap before waking up tommorrow and trying to sort out how to get to Tokyo! I had originally planned on catching the overnight bus, but then remembering how much I hated the buses here (they leave this lovely green light on ALL NIGHT less than 2 feet from your face…!) I decided to take a train instead. I was going to catch the overnight train, but the fact that I hadn’t yet even began to pack by 6pm dictated that I pursue other alternatives. So the current panda plan is to show up at the station at 6am tommorrow morning and badger the poor bleary eyed JR man on duty to get me on the first shinkansen over ( ^_^)v.
*sadpanda because he ate all his yummy cereal and has no more…*
Tokyo holds a special place in my heart as that was my first introduction to Japan, waaay back when I was a student panda ostensibly “studying abroad” (though Marty can tell you that more often than not, I was instead passed out in my tiny windowless, phoneless, lockless room until 4pm every day until M would get back from class and swing by my apartment (usually bearing gifts of Mosburger, the sweetheart!) to rouse me from my deep panda slumber. I paid a lot of money to not really attend class all that much, now that I think about it….). A lot of people malign Tokyo as being too “large” or “noisy” or “crowded”, but for me…. for me, that’s the sort of comforting seething chaotic turmoil that swaddles me in its sonic waves and carries me along, floating nameless and faceless in the seething crowds…
I’m in a “tall and spectacular vistas” type of mood, so I suspect I’ll be in a lot of tall buildings taking pictures from observation decks this time around (Tokyo Tochou Towers, Yokohama Landmark Tower (tallest building in Japan), Odaiba Kanransha, etc.), though I’ve done that a bunch of times already. *sigh* I’m so predictable sometimes! Who knows what else – thought I’d try some stuff off the beaten path, time permitting (thanks to Costoso for your suggestions!)
At least my panda companions have something to eat! Click here for the story…
I’m excited to go… even though it’s been almost a year, I really haven’t been to the big cities, nor ridden the long distance trains all that much – some of the things I love to do the most in Japan. It’ll be nice to start doing that again.
Now listening to: “Luna sea – Tonight”
(ubai ni ikou / hoshii mono / nara yozora / ni chitta ano / hoshi sae mo / itsuka mita yume / ima torimodase / kawakikiru mae ni…)
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