Panda no baribari baryu…

This week is exam week at the school, which means that last week I was really busy trying to prepare the students for the upcoming tests. Unfortunately, in my school, the students are somewhat less than concerned about even showing up for mid-terms, let alone thinking about remotely passing them. So while I drilled my little panda heart out staring at a sea of dozens of disinterested faces staring glumly into cell phones, applying makeup or sketching random (less than flattering) pictures of me all over the worksheets I labored so hard on, I had another one of those weeks where every 10 minutes I considered running over and jumping out the open 3rd story window to my right, and ending the pointless grind that life as a pretend English teacher can be sometimes.
What’s on top of (contemplative) panda’s head? Why… it’s… more pandas!!!
In the end, what happens is that most of the teachers (especially those stuck teaching the worst of the worst) end up giving up and just handing the students an exact copy of the test and the answer key a week ahead of time and telling them to memorize them (actually, the memorization isn’t even required any more as I believe some teachers are just letting them bring them in to class with them). The suprising thing is, the students still do badly on the tests – it’s a rare day when more than 1 or 2 students in a class of 14 or 15 will score higher than 50%. When confronted with such a mind staggering amount of apathy in the disaffected youth of Japan, what can one do? I mean, if you give them the exact answers and they still don’t care enough to even both to memorize them, there really is no point, is there? Weeks like that, coupled with the endless grayness of rainy season Japan is enough to wear anyone down.
Panda contemplates his future while showing off his curly locks for Ms.Pookiebear !
*sigh* Just keep on slogging, I guess. I want to move to Tokyo and become a writer, I think. Or else a man whore. I hear they make lots of money. I saw it on Sekai Baribari Baryu (“World’s Exciting Values” – 世界バリバリバリュー), which obviously means it must be true ;) . (It was Episode 23 from last October – “24 hours in Shinjuku”. According to the show, some of the hosts made in excess of 50 thousand DOLLARS in one night. Then again, when a bottle of champagne at some of these places costs several thousand dollars, it’s not hard to see why! Personally I think that an American panda might prove to be pretty popular amongst the monied maidens of the ritzy Tokyo night scene!)
(Sekai baribari baryu, by the way, is an awesome show and one that has replaced the empty hole in my heart left when “Koko ga hen dayo nihonjin” (“Japanese people, this place is strange!”) was cancelled. The gist of it is they take the requisite panel of celebrities, pseudo-celebrities, washed-up idols, assorted rifraf genojin and the token gaijin and then present them with various “quizzes” wherein they’re shown video of all sorts of interesting (to me at any rate) things following the theme of the day and have to guess (amidst much exclamations of “…heh…!!?” and “…uuuuUUAAAHHH..!!!!?”) how much they cost. I like it because the hosts aren’t too obnoxious (by Japanese variety show standards), the panels usually aren’t filled with too many smarmy morons and the topics they cover are genuinely interesting, like aforementioned peek into the life of a high-rolling Tokyo host or perhaps some Australian guy who built and owns three different high altitude gliders which he keeps in his hangar in his backyard, etc. Sekai baribari baryu is on every Tuesday at 10pm (Japan time) on MBS/TBS* here in Japan. Check your local paper to find out what channel! You can find a list with summaries of recent past episodes by clicking [here] (Japanese only, sorry!).
*Mainichi Broadcasting Station (in the Kansai region) /Tokyo Broadcasting Station (rest of Japan)
(As an aside, I’m watching it right now as I type this! Todays quiz is “Nippon no okanemochi wo sagase” (looking for Japan’s wealth) – they’re covering all sorts of high-end luxury goods – including such standards as the Hermes Birkin/Kelly bags, expensive champagne and the mysterious “American Express Black Card”, which if I am understanding what they’re saying correctly, has no upper limit, comes with a dedicated team of personal attendants to take care of your every whim and desire, and in short, pretty much ensures you are the ultimate Pimp Daddy of them all.)
Errmm…. anyway, where was I before I got all distracted by the pretty flashing lights on the television? *laughs* Oh yes, so anyway, until the day I move to Tokyo to become a high rolling and much beloved host and get my panda paws on my very own American Express “Black Card”, I am stuck here, in the rainy gray daily grind that was last week.
However, just when I had reached my breaking point and was considering calling in dead to work for the rest of the week, I came home (in a foul mood because my socks got soaked by a wayward puddle) to find a package mysteriously waiting for me in my mailbox! Suprised, since I wasn’t expecting one, I tore it open to find…
Tennis modeling the new “panda wear” line of hat fashion…
Two super cute stuffed Tarepanda dolls from my friend’s mom! What a great gift! I didn’t have any clue she was sending them either, so it was quite an awesome present! I love surprises! And there’s something about cute pandas that always seem to brighten my day…! (^_^)v
Anyway, that was the highlight of my week as of late. Other than that, not much else going on. If anyone else *cough amelie_mello cough* wants to do a super cute international panda / exchange, let me know! My army of killer pandas errmm… I mean, my collection of panda related goods – grows larger by the day!
Now listening to: “Paul Van Dyk – Otro Dia”
(a very uplifting track – beautiful – haunting, atmospheric, moody, but with the sense of sunshine after the rain running through it.)

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