Panda Strap

Alas, it’s been a busy week so I’ve not had a chance to write a post yet. Maybe this weekend? That is, after I decide whether or not to apply to law school next year. A deadline that is literally penciled into my planner for Saturday: “-take out recyclables -decide about law school -buy windex*”.

*(my bathroom mirrors are kinda grungy)

panda strap!

Bethann’s mother, of all people, randomly made this supar dupar supar cuet beaded panda mobile phone strap for me. How lovely is that? Thank you very much ma’am. Look! Now you’re a featured entry on the pandablog! A beading intarnets blog-ebrity, if you will.

Now off to sleep. I am so tired I literally have big ugly black bags under my eyes. Fortunately I’m a panda so it all sort of blends in :)

Now listening to: “ATB – Ecstasy”

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  1. lizb

    i didn’t know your mom is so crafty! it’s cute :)
    p.s. i finally got your new years card a few days ago! mom sent me a picture of looks amazing! i’m not going to get it until i go home next, though.
    and it’s my non-western world literature class in which i watched star trek. we were reading Gilgamesh and Picard tells the story in an episode where they meet the Tamarians. It also fit well in with the whole communication and understanding foreign cultures theme. i wish there was a whole class just about star trek :D oh man that would be awesome.

  2. michaelpanda

    hee hee no no, not my mother – it was my friend’s mother.
    and i’m glad you finally got your new year’s card – man how late was that!? crazy! grrr, gonna have to have a talk with the japan post soon.
    that class sounds awesome and you have no idea how jealous i am! :)

  3. SabineM

    Love your list! Which one has higher priority!?!?
    On my list, email Panda back (hee hee), clean out the gutters outside (turns out, since it never rains here I never noticed they were gross and full, now it has been raining here for a week, and water comes out like water falls…pretty cool, but needs to be cleaned out)……obviously writing emails will come before cleaning gutters…
    have a great weekend…
    I absolutely love the panda phone strap

  4. andrew

    Wow that is kind of cool.
    I had one that was bought for me. It was Hello Kitty (sound of vomiting) dressed in blue penguin outfit…needless to say it did not last long on my phone (now..’goodbye kitty’)
    hope you were able to decide about law school. I used to work as a paralegal in San Diego, but did not go to law school…couldnt pass the LSAT.
    Happy New Year

  5. kitty

    Panda!! Do you happen to know of a high school that would be interested in doing a homestay exchange with my awesome old high school in Connecticut? I’ve been asked to find one for them. They’d only have to take like 10 students I think and they would taken however many they would want to send. ONEGAI PANDA-SAMA!!!

  6. moritheil

    Have you ever thought that the names of artistic endeavors could be made by combining two items from such lists? Windex Law! It sounds like a poorly-conceived band. :P
    RYC: I think, as I wasn’t paying full attention when listening to it, “You’re good . . . ” sounded like “Yaku” to me.