Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been quite sick the latter half of this week. When you’ve got a sore throat, there’s nothing like a good old fashioned American cough drop. The weak wanna-be Japanese nodoame’s are no match for the ferocity of rawness which permeates every aspect of my throat when I’m ill. Mmmm.. medicate my vapors, baby. Goodness, I should buy stock in Ludens and Halls….
I don’t have much important to say, as I’ve been very busy trying to get out of being forced to sing some evil SMAP song at my school’s cultural festival on Saturday (which I managed to do successfully by liberally coughing and hacking up phlegm all over the music teacher’s desk) and being forced to attend some over-priced “after cultural festival party” with the other teachers at a swanky hotel on Saturday night (from which I could not, sadly, escape, though it’s okay I guess. Free food.)
I was sorting through some archived folders from my old computer earlier today and ran across some old doodles/photoshopped things I did. Not particularly good or anything, but since I have nothing else to post….
I was watching a beetle crawl across my desk one day at work…
Apparently I need help on knowing where to place a drawing on a sheet of paper so I don’t run out of space halfway through…
Watching a hornet one day. For a guy who hates bugs, I sure do see a lot of them!
For the cover of a mix CD I once made for someone. Note the world’s worst usage of Photoshop filters and effects. Kids, THIS is what your parents warned you about could happen when you drink and pshop!
The sight of this girl ascending a staircase to the outside after wandering around the depths of Sunshine City for hours struck me as so…. Tokyo. I made this when I first got PS7 and was absolutely chuffed to bits with the new “grass” brush. Looking at it now, of course, it looks so very very cheesy.
Someday, I want to really learn photoshop.
Now listening t “La Brat – Fa’ ya’ll”
(“who’s that making that funky noise…!? it’s like it’s like it’s da BRAT!” Am I the only one who thinks she sounds like a female Snoop Dog?)
12:04 pm

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