too sleepy to write anything clever, so I`m just gonna throw up some random pictures from the school undokai and my enkai later on that evening.
A fellow member of team Midori – we won a complete sweep, by the way…
Vicious high school girls duke it out in the rope pull.
One of my students acknowledges the overwhelming superiority of Team Midori
BEFORE: Listless teachers stare glumly into space at my enkai
Sensing a lack of excitement, I spring into action with an impromptu speech!!!
AFTER: Everyone laughs and smiles in merriment, amazed at my kindergarden-level command of the japanese language!
It looks like Kat is posing for the camera, but in actuality she`s asking for 2 more beers.
Now listening to: “Sasha – Airdrawndagger”
(ho-humm… not bad….not great either. He`s done better work.)
7:32 am

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