Sorry for the rather depressive quality of the last few posts – things were much brighter yesterday as I taught a couple of very enjoyable adult classes (they actually want to learn english!) and some of the third year students (who, while still not much more active than lumps of rotting eggplant, at least weren`t playing on their cell phones in class, and did, on occasion, answer when spoken to).
Anyway, to make up for it, I am happy to announce that I finally figured out a super sneaky way around the internet cafe`s restrictions on external hardware (i.e. I switched to a different internet cafe ;P ). Still not as nice as having your own at home, but for now it will do. Sorry for the crappy quality, the only image editing program they had on these comps messed up the compression somehow.
Anyway, lest you get the idea that this is all hard work and suffering agonizing blank stares, enjoy some random photos of the happier side of Japan!!
Or else from the link on the left hand side of the screen under “websites”. Give me some time to get it all polished and purty, as I`m somewhat hampered by my lack of a computer…
the imposing Tokyo Tocho towers. and my camera ruining the shot
Gathering at Moby`s apartment – the calm before the storm.
Ahh – nomikai. Yuki may be small, but she can drink with the best of them!
Moby is telling Kent about this one time, in band camp.
Right before this shot, Cat was telling us how she WASN`T an alcoholic.
She photographs so well, doesn`t she?
Wajima!! Towering shrines of death!!
Drunken Taiko drumming.
Shrines lining up to be blessed.
By Rayden, God of Thunder…?
A particularly frightening Yuki or perhaps an unusually cute Jason.
Karaoke in Monzen-machi.
G can really belt them out..!
Jo, looking pensive on the bus ride back.
As for now, we are off to eat delicious curry at the Hot House! Yummy!! Mmm… curry….
Now listening to: “Chicane – Saltwater”
(“Imtheochaidh soir is siar A dtainig ariamh mpmpmghghsdghghhghghghhhhhgffffffffff……????”)
4:49 am

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