Slowly recovering from the psuedo-SARS, after having left work early yesterday and cancelling all of my appointments for today (like i really have that much of a social calender…!)
I’ll put up pictures of Joe’s birthday party (all the more to help him remember with) soon, or at least the pics i took for the hour and a half i was there during a momentary-lapse of judgement friday night when i thought i was fully recovered from my brush with the death plauge.
When you’re sick, nothing’s better than lots and lots of CHOCOLATE!
except maybe a lemon bar….?
What can I say? Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline. Or maybe it’s just lemon bar smeared liberally all over one’s face?
Now listening to: “Globe: Miss your body (tan line mix)” (“…kimi no Atatakai body aitai, dakitai, kanjitai / Why konna ni narenai futsuu na sekai / Please don’t cry / Mitakunai …”
7:43 pm

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