Rainy days

Just another rainy, but happy, day in the hood.
DVDs for sale in a store: bottom half – porn. Top half? Disney Cartoons
Not much happening recently. The other day, I decided to play a game with some of the third year students in class – part of it involved me asking them a series of questions:
1. Do you have a part time job?
2. What is your part time job?
3. Do you like your job?
4. What do you do in your job?
Everything was going as well as could be expected – the majority of students answered things like “yes, I work in a ramen shop” or “yes, I`m a pizza delivery boy” or something. Anyway, I get to this one girl in the back who is dressed as if she`s ready to hit the clubs – miniskirt, high heels, the chapatsu brown hair and borderline-kogyaru tan skin. She`s putting on makeup as I`m talking to her:
“So, Emi, do you have a part time job?”
“Hai.” (yes)
“I see. What kind of part time job do you have?”
I blink my eyes rapidly. She doesn`t seem particularly fazed by her response.
“Uhhh…. so how`s that working out for you? errrm…. *i struggle to stick to the script* I mean, Do you like your job?”
“nnn.. kekko ii. (It`s alright). I make lots of money.” Not sure of where to go from here (i.e. I didn`t think it would be such a good idea to ask her the next question “What do you do in your job”?) I start to move on when another student in the class pipes up.
“Where do you work? Miss Universe?” (a sleazy strip club cum hostess bar on the corner of a busy intersection in the downtown area)
To which Emi, a girl with whom I have to fight to get her to give more than 1 word answers, who steadfastly refuses to say nary a word in english – suddenly erupts into a tirade against the evils of Miss Universe (the gist of which is that Ms. Universe is a russian club and the girls are lazy and fat and rip people off, but the club where she works at is a Japanese club, and the girls are pretty and much more “skilled” (I didn`t delve into that) and thus we should all go to the Japanese hostess establishments since they will “provide for our greater pleasure”.)
The thing of it is – nearly half of Emi`s little rant was in english (broken, but not bad…!). She reverted to her previous sullen, mute self immediately after she was finished – but it left me thinking – it`s funny the things that get these kids to speak up in class!
Ah, C`est la vie.
Anyway, not much new going on today – I think we might go shopping for some furniture, as I`m getting very sick of the motley assortment of old wicker-rattan junk collected in my apartment by various JETs over the ages.
Now listening to: “Global Underground: Toronto – Dubfire (afterclub mix)”
This is actually the first time I`ve ever any mixes by Deep Dish. Not bad!
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