Rocking out…

From our recent road trip to Takayama: my stalwart traveling companion KC and I rocking out to Bryan Adam’s “Heaven” while tearing down the winding mountain roads.

driving from takayama

On the road again…

If you watch the video carefully, you’ll notice that several times I accidentally cross into the oncoming lane of traffic. Fortunately there weren’t many cars on the road, or else I’m sure we would have died.

You may also notice that we very clearly don’t know the words to the song. But that doesn’t stop us, since if there’s one thing living in a country where karaoke is the national past time has taught us, it’s that even if you don’t know the lyrics to a song, as long as you sing it in a funny voice and make exaggerated gestures, people play along.

Click play to start, but be warned your ears have only you to blame.

The car is probably the only place in everyday Japan where you can blast your music as loud as you like, since apartments (and even houses) have such thin walls your neighbors can hear you whisper, to say nothing of music played through speakers.

So you gotta rock out when you can.

Make sure to check out Part II of the Great Takayama road trip below!

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  1. coolnahalf

    your voice is differnt from what i expected. not that iw as expecting randy savage or macho man or andre the giant or anything.
    im traveling somewhere in japan this golden week. jsut don’t know where. if you’re in your hood lerts get into ninja suits and beat someone down. even if they are innocent and DIDNT murder our respective fathers.

  2. Johnny

    Well, Mikey… umm…. *ears bleed* HAHA! I love the impromptu additions to make that song even cooler than it could possibly be!
    What’s next on your list? Summer of ’69?

  3. Johnny

    PS, when’s Panda and the Sunshine Band rolling through the midwest on their would tour? I’ll have to send this one to Swetha.

  4. Shay

    I’d like to sign you guys to a record deal! The only problem is that I don’t sign people to deals…sorry. :P Also, driving on that side of the road is ccol. Good job :P

  5. moritheil

    I suspect it’s because your enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. Also, I note that you changed your pic. Going with a tie, eh?

  6. lizb

    Hahahha man listening to that toooootally made my day. Well, like a week ago. IM SORRY IM SO LAZY AHHH!
    I will send out your cds like..this week I swear. I swear!!!!!!!!!!!!! :X

  7. a

    Oo-er — can’t say we weren’t forewarned. ^_^;;; Seems like you’re having a ton of fun, though!
    ps: Wuh-oh. I had no idea that DC was that dangerous till you mentioned the fact. Hahaha. Ha. Guess I’ll have to play really really low-key…