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[img of physics book]
It’s so ironic that my last memory of college should be the same as my first – getting screwed over by the bookstore.
The first time I went to the bookstore my freshman year, I ended up spending well over $600 on useless books, half of which I never even really needed for the class, and all of which magically had “new editions” when it came time to sell them at the end of the semester. Which led to me receiving literally pennies on the dollar for my expensive “investment”. Of course, these books somehow magically appear on the shelves for 90% of their original price several days later when the new editions are somehow “delayed”.
My last memory of the fcuk-ing bookstore is this:
[img receipt]
No, really, thank YOU…!!! Bastards.
Gaze upon the marvelous $10 dollars they deigned to give me for my $140 physics book. The reason? Why, there’s a new edition coming out (of course). When is this new edition due out? October comes the response.
I point out that the school semester starts in September, so what do they plan on doing until the magically delicious new edition (which, aside from the cover, will have absolutely nothing different from the previous 6 identical editions) comes out?
“Why, we’ll just use the old one next semester, I guess” says the bored clerk. I resist the urge to reach across the counter and throttle the life out of his smarmy scrawny neck and face.
“So, then, can I get more than $10 for my $140 book, seeing as how I know it’s going to be sitting on the shelf for $95 come August?”
“Nope. Sorry. Can’t do that. There’s a new edition coming out.”
Fine. Have my fcuking physics book for $10 you miserable communist bastards (^-^). I hope the next kid beats you over the head with all 20 hardcover pounds of it.
What a wonderful memory to leave your university with!!!
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