Words cannot express the disappointment and utter despair I feel at the moment. It seems as if idiocy, mind numbing ignorance and utterly
asinine conceit have no limits.

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At least I did my part…

It shocks me to the very core that one person can do so very much evil in this world, and yet somehow, miraculously, in a staggering
demonstration of the powers of self delusion, millions upon millions of people can manage to turn a blind eye and be seduced by the bald faced
lies and duplicitous deceptions of underhanded politicians, ultra conservative religious fanatics and slippery tongued political

I stand chilled and struck to my very core – I’ve noticed that many like minded bloggers I read react to the election results with the same sense
of stunned disbelief and feeling of overwhelmed helplessness that I feel – even the most verbose among them seem incapable of speech, typing out
a few solitary lines that stand in sombre isolation on the screen.

How someone can blatantly ignore the will of virtually the rest of the world and invade a sovereign nation whilst spitting baldface lies as
rationalisations on the one hand whilst simultaneously laying claim to untold millions of barrels of oil with the other, turn a $70 billion
dollar Clinton era budget surplus into a staggering $413 billion dollar deficit (with total debt reaching an unimaginable 7.3 trillion dollars)
all the while providing tax cuts for the richest 1% of Americans totalling billions of dollars, unilaterally reject the critically important
Kyoto environmental treaty (even Russia ratified that shit…), earn broad condemnation and disdain across the board from such influential and
important organizations as the Union of Concerned Scientists, the president’s very own former counterterrorism czar (Richard Clark) and treasure
secretary (Paul O’neill), public health professionals, some 53+ of the country’s top diplomats and so many many more, ALL WHILE allowing corrupt
business associates with highly suspicious connections to the vice president and president *cough Enron cough Haliburton* to defraud the American
people out of hundreds of millions of dollars…AND STILL MANAGE TO GET RE-ELECTED just abso-fucking-lutely blows my mind. I mean, what the fuck
more does one have to do to NOT get re-elected!!? Short of genocide or open thermonuclear war, i guess, and honestly, at times I feel we’re just
mere steps from that.

Are you people watching the same news programs that I am…!!? (the fact that “Facist Fox News” even exists as a channel should answer that
question) Did you all just give up four years ago and say “fuck it, let him have whatever he wants”!? When the amount of money you’re getting
bent over and raped up the fucking ass for, whether it be Haliburton charging the government $1250 for a case of pepsi or Enron’s Kenneth Lay
paying $5000 for a coat motherfucking rack while your dumb ass is dying from cancer or diabetes or overwork or whatever the fuck and you don’t
even have enough health insurance to pay for the medicine you need, does something in your head just snap and make you stop counting when those
numbers get in the hundreds of millions? In the billions? IN THE MOTHERFUCKING TRILLIONS!!!??? Did you miss the part about our cocaine
sniffing commander in chief not having actually ever served in the military or even really bothered to have shown up for his silver spoon
“civilian aviation” duties his daddy bought him while tens of thousands of poor young males had to go die over in Vietnam? Do you not sense the
slightest bit of irony in happily handing this coward your precious, precious sons to march off to the slaughter to increase his bottom line, pay
for his pampered daughters’ booze and new hairstyles, boost his stock options, prop up his holdings and the portfolios of all his rich white
friends? At this point have you just given up trying to reconcile the
staggering gap between reality and white house rhetoric

I am filled with anger and a gut wrenching profound sense of sadness and shame at being an “American” like I have never felt before. I can’t
even carve sense out of the furious venting I pour onto the screen…. I’m just so… so…

I think The Cult of Mac said it best:

It’s a beautiful, sunny, marine-clear morning here in San Francisco, but no one’s very cheerful. It’s a black day in America. Four more years
of war and death, domestic decay and neo-con lunacy (three slots on the Supreme Court may open up).

Voters were more concerned with “moral issues” — preventing gays from marrying — than slaughter for oil. And those propping up this evil
regime — blue collar Midwest conservatives — are those the most shafted: no healthcare, no education, outsourced jobs, and their kids are sent
to die in Iraq.

I made a promise to myself when I woke up Wednesday morning, one which I intend to keep.

I have no intention of going back to live or work in America for the next four years, or so long as this fool charlatan is in power. And if,
heaven forbid, a like minded member of this terrifying group of neo-con idiots for hire should inherit the next presidency, I have no qualms -
and this I say with conviction – with never going back, ever.

Leave the country to the likes of fools such as this

The hell with that. We’ve won. Winning means not having to say you’re sorry. Bush already brought a majority of Americans together: they
voted for him. He doesn’t need to reach out to them: they need to reach out to him.

If anyone needs to work to bring the country together it’s those on the left who have divided it so badly. Those who sought to destroy this
great man should get down upon their knees and beg the victors for mercy. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll let a few of them linger on for the simple
reason that they amuse us. My life’s goal is to see the Democratic Party virtually obliterated and left as a rump of people like Stephanie
Herseth who both mostly agree with us anyways and are easy on the eyes.

That’s the future of the Democratic Party: providing Republicans with a number of cute (but not that bright) comfort women.

It may be slightly difficult to get a permanent resident visa abroad, but it’s not that hard.

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