Yes, that is a picture of me passed out on my bed. This is what I did today from 2 pm until around 7pm. Today was such a beautiful day – the sun was shining, the sky was blue, fluffywhite clouds in the sky, yummy tonkatsu in my stomach (samantha janice and I went out to Wasabi…. spent a small fortune on lunch), warm spring breeze blowing through my window. What better thing to do than to pass out panda-style in a big pile of comforters, pillows and random stuffed animals? I love to sleep next to the window on days like this, because you get all the benefits of passing out on a grassy hill somewhere (relaxing breeze, beautiful sun, blue sky stretching out over green trees), just without all the bugs. I hate bugs, you see, and whenever i try and sleep on a hill somewhere (as you oft see people do around here, catching a quick snooze between classes) I can never relax, because I am quite paranoid that a spider is going to take the opportunity to insert himself into my nose/ear/mouth/etc.
Hmm…. So much for the illusion of manliness!! *slinks into corner sheepishly* For those of you wondering, that Bow-wow piled on top of ninja tarepanda hanging out on my IKEA pseudo-asian-style floor lamp (only 9.95!). Check the bamboo hanging out on the floor next to me, within easy reach for a mid-nap-snack.
….aaaand even more bamboo. the sad part is, as much as I love pandas, I just can’t seem to keep bamboo alive for more than a couple of months. While not extremely clear in this picture, that bamboo is very very dead. Fortunately for me, it stays green even after it has met its unfortunate demise, so I can continue to assuage my guilt by convincing myself that it’s “just sleeping”. (what the hell am I babbling about here…!?)
A picture of my wanna-be-IKEA-floor-model-room. I absolutely love IKEA. I know that some might mock my taste for child-labor made particle board swedish goods with funny umlated-names (and you knw there has to be child labor involved in here somewhere – I mean, how else can you make me a nice table for $10.95…!? …. not only that, but it looks damn good to boot….) For those of you keeping track, virtually every piece of furniture in the picture above, and most of the little doo-dads (including the funky plastic knickers hanging on the wall) entered my room as the result of a brief fever which washed over me upon entering the blue box of happiness in Chicago which temporarily stripped me of my sanity and discretion (not to mention ability to discern whether i really needed thirteen plain white porcelin bowls or not…).
Some more astute readers may have noticed that something is missing from the above picture, namely a chair. Certainly it isn’t for want of a good IKEA chair – heaven knows they have a ton, ranging from the geekily attractive (a high-tech psuedo-ergonomic affair with gleaming steel, brushed aluminum and black mesh stretch panels) to the bizarrely repulsive (some bench-like affair uphosltered in what appears to be a zebra’s ass). Rather, it’s because my floor slants. What’s that you say? Yes, you see, so ghetto is the house i live in that the floor to my room is tremendously slanted towards on side (towards the viewer in the picture above). That is probably due to the fact that this side of the house is falling down. I mean, seriously falling down. Much like people in california awaiting “The Big One”, I come home every night trepidatiously wondering if I am going to be greeted by the flashing lights of fire trucks, ambulances and police, as rescuers struggle to extract my roommates from the rubble of the collapsed house. Since I happen to live on the second floor precisely above the part of the house that’s sinking into the ground, it goes without saying that I sleep with one eye open, ready to leap out of my bed to safety at a moment’s notice.
Which is all find and good, but what does that have to do with me not having a chair? Well, you see, I tried having an office chair before, but the second I lift my feet from the ground, ……..woooosh… i roll all the way to the opposite wall. Seriously. It provided tremendous amounts of amusement at first (I am a simple simple boy…) but eventually the schtick got old, especially when I was trying to do some serious homework, forgot, and lifte my feet by accident. …. anyway, in the end I decided to do away with the whole chair/desk affair and just sit my big lazy panda ass on the ground, japanese-style. And actually this works out well, cuz’ then it’s like the floor is my desk, and if I wanna take a break while studying, well…. I’m already on the floor…..
You can’t tell from this crappy picture (I was too chicken to get up close and take a picture), but there was some free style rap going on at Library Mall today. They were quite good, as was proven when they implored to the audience to “pick a topic, any topic”, and someone shouted out “existentialism”. I have to tell you, Kant has never wanted to make me “bust a cap”, as it were, so much in my life!
And finally……
I was bored yesterday at work. Very bored.
Yes, we check out laptops here. No, you can’t have a laptop until 9:15. Why? Because it’s finals week and everybody wants a laptop, so they’re all checked out. Yes, I know it sucks. No, it doesn’t matter if you’re a drop dead gorgeous east-coast sorority girl flashing the cartier and slinking around in a skin tight tanktop sans bra, you still can’t get one. No, not even if you bend over the counter top seductively. (Well, maybe if you bend over a little more…) Yes, I know you have to do your term paper. So does everyone else in this lab. What’s that? Well, I’m not quite sure what language that is sir, but I’m certain my mother is not one of those….
For the love of god people, peep the sign. peep the the sign.
Now listening to: “Breeder – Twilo Thunder” (*starts gyrating wildly, only without the flattering effects of strobe lights*)
8:39 pm

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