Sky Monkah!

Much like the sunny Thursday last autumn, yesterday was an unexpectedly beautiful day smack dab in the middle of an otherwise gloomy and gray rainy season. As luck would have it, not only did I bring Monkah with me to work that day, I also had the afternoon off. Thus with a friend in tow, we decided to head up into the mountains for some Sky Monkah adventures!

sky monkah!

Master of all I survey

Monkah and I scope out the view from the top of the mountain. Look at all that beautiful sunlight pouring down! It might not seem like much at first, but three weeks into the rainy season with nothing but gray skies and thunderstorms night and day, it’s quite possibly one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see.

sky monkah!

Sky Monkah!!!

What to do on such a beautiful day? Why take jumping pictures of course! I love the silhouetting on this one – monkah in particular just looks like he’s taking off into the stratosphere!! He had so much fun…

sky monkah!

Beautiful Day

It doesn’t get any better than this in the summer. Look at the lush green grass, the brilliant blue skies, the hint of white clouds and the dark outcroppings of shadowed trees on the horizon. Now if only that only man on the bench in the distance would have stopped talking to himself it would have been even more enjoyable (he was pretty weird…).

sky monkah!

Sky Monkah II

For some reason, whenever I see this photo I imagine they’re in a space ship, slowly floating and spinning towards each other in zero-G. Maybe instead of Sky Monkah I should call this one “Space Monkah”?

sky monkah!

Towards the Future

Monkah and I stare out at the endless expanse of blue, contemplating what direction our journey will take us on next. I feel like we should be standing on the bow of a massive sail ship, navigating towards strange new worlds on endless undiscovered oceans.

I wanted to be a pirate when I was younger, incidentally.

sky monkah!

Sky Monkah Forevar!!!

One more picture of sky monkah soaring towards the heavens! Monkah had such a great time – the brilliant azure blue of the sky really reminded him of our trip to Himeji last year. Oh Monkah, you wish you had wings, don’t you?

sky monkah!

Brave new world?

This scene reminds me of Huxley’s Brave New World. I think a copy of it we had in my schools library when I was growing up had a similar image on the cover or something.

It’s possible that might be completely made up. I’m getting old – I don’t remember anything anymore!

sky monkah!

The Stare

Do you remember the staring contests on Conan O’Brien? Where Conan and Andy would have to stare at each other, but all these crazy things kept happening where only Andy could see them? This was sort of like that, with Yasu trying to make me laugh. I, for my part, reacted by trying to focus her out. Unfortunately that resulted in me looking extremely constipated, as you can see from this photo.

sky monkah!

The dodgy shot

I originally took this shot because I really liked the silhouetting effect of the shadow and how the brightness of the sun skewed the white balance, but after reviewing it, I decided it looked kinda dodgy!! Anyway, Yasu liked it, so here it is on the blog.

sky monkah!

The Hood

Just another beautiful day in the hood. The weird thing you don’t realize for a while, living in Japan, is that no matter where you look, your view is always boxed in or limited in some way, usually by mountains. I used to live in Kansas when I was really young, quite possibly one of the flattest places in the world, and there you could literally see as far as your vision could last, especially on a clear summer day. Living in Japan, I always get the feeling I’m trapped in one of those old-school first person shooter games, like before they could figure out how to accurately program outdoor scenes and the faked it by rendering flat bitmap images of mountains and skies on a gigantic cube that surrounded the “level”, so when you looked out a window, it seemed like there was a world out there. But if you ever walked to the edge, by the mountains, the illusion quickly shattered.

Sometimes I wonder if Japan really exists or not, with mountains perpetually limiting how far into the distance I can see. Maybe I’m just really living inside a computer generated box?

Anyway, that’s it for Sky Monkah! On an unrelated note, a while back I made the decision to take a new job down south, about 20 minutes outside of Tokyo. I didn’t mention anything about it on the blog until now because I wasn’t sure if it was the right decision or not, but the last couple of months have made me more confident it was. When I sit down and think about it, it just blows me away, because I realize with a start that I have to be completely moved out of my apartment by the end of the month!!

It’s even more startling to realize that I only have about 20 more days here in the hood, and in less than three weeks I’ll be back on a plane headed to America for the first time in three years (I’m visiting the states briefly before starting my new job). Changes are a coming, and they’re not wasting any time in getting here.

Damn. I’d better get packing….

teddy bears

Now listening to: Teddybears STHLM – Hey Boy (Feat. Swing Fly)


Who’s the bum cuzzin’ along in your hi fi
Stackin’ do hittin’ the bong, it’s the Swing Fly
Teddybear sound is the bomb and you know why
None of this ill can be wrong and the beat’s tight

Hey boy, get your rocks off, move boy, we put the clock on you boy
You can’t miss, my friend you get knocked down, get up again

You can smell some of the funk when we breeze by
We got nuff shit to go round, hit the peace pipe
We can do the dunkedy-dunk, and it’s all night
Yeah baby the dunkedy-dunk and it’s all tight

Hey boy, get your rocks off, move boy, we put the clock on you boy
You can’t miss, my friend you get knocked down, get up again

8 Reactions

  1. Marty

    Hey Mike,
    You should do a photo shoot of your stuff in the old apartment, then your stuff in the new place. Just to get a contrast. Like, my computer was here, but now it’s here…
    i don’t know why I like stuff like that, but i do. I have a book that just the inside of people’s apartments. I look at it like once a month. Is that wierd?

  2. Ben

    It’s always nice to go outside and enjoy a nice sunny day with a beautiful sky! :)

  3. andrew

    I guess you are going to America, so please feel free to disreguard my email enquiry.
    nice pictures…why do you think the one picture of Yasu-san is dodgy?

  4. liz b

    omg when i saw that first picture of monkah flying through the air, i thought he was flying out past the railing and i actually got really nervous. ahhh nevermind, i feel like that EVERY time i look at it. i don’t know, i’m in a weird mood ahahaha.
    here is something funny!
    today at work, this guy came in to buy a couple of painfully tacky hawaiian shirts for himself and some girl (she wasn’t with him) for a luau or other party of the sort, and he needed me to help him to find a shirt for this girl because he even knew that they were all ugly, it was just a matter of picking out one that wasn’t so bad. but yeah, so i helped him with that and i guess he ended up getting a large kid’s size, which was my recommendation, and while i was checking him out at the register, he got this odd kind of look on his face and said to me, “this is probably a weird question for me to ask you and i apologize, but how old are you?” right away i knew this wasn’t good at all, but i still had a desperate hope that the girl he was buying the shirt for was his girlfriend, or wife, even better! so i told him, “im 18…why?” and gave him a really suspicious/cautious/abouttobefreakedout look. he thought about it a few seconds and then was like, “well…i was just wanting to know if i should feel bad or not..” AHHHHHNONONONOON i just stood there, mid-bagging his shirts, and just stared at him with the most horrified look ever. “uh…oh…um…ew..god” he immediately started apologizing, “i know i know that’s really creepy, i’m sorry….i mean, i’m not that much older than you” YEAH HE WAS THINKING ABOUT HOW HE WANTED TO FUCK ME, THAT CREEP. i should’ve told him i was 15, god. but yeah, so he felt really stupid as well he should. you just don’t do that to a complete stranger, especially some poor girl who’s just doing her damn job. geeze, it’s either creeps like that or crazy evangelists giving my flyers about how i’m going to hell( but i guess…it keeps work interesting at least? what is your new job, anyway?

  5. namizon

    hey .. what a day!! but what did u do to that cute little thing!!! instead of throwing it away, u should give him to me .. haha

  6. moritheil

    That’s one heck of a computer generated box – which, incidentally, reminds me of the project they had to simulate the world.
    I love the jump shot.

  7. momo

    Oh my god, did you just throw Monkah off the railing???!?!?!?!?!