Sky Worship

People sometimes ask why I like tall buildings. This picture from the Mori Tower pretty much sums it all up.

roppongi hills mori tower

More sky worship after the jump…

roppongi hills mori tower

roppongi hills mori tower

roppongi hills mori tower

roppongi hills mori tower

roppongi hills mori tower

roppongi hills mori tower

roppongi hills mori tower

roppongi hills mori tower

roppongi hills mori tower

roppongi hills mori tower

clear blue water single

Now listening to: “Oceanlab (feat. Justine Sussina) – Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten Remix)”

La la la

Leave behind your fears
Please believe
You will not falter
There’s no danger here
You can breathe
In clear blue water

Clear blue water
La la la

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  1. andrew

    you are a good photographer. I should have you teach me to take better pictures.
    Looks like you had a fun day in Tokyo

  2. ashan

    Hallo, great views you got there! I especially love the ones where the bright blue sky and sharply contrasting while clouds shine through, almost jumping off the page at you. I could while away hours watching the sky (and I have ^^).
    It is nice to take in the view from a high vantage point. My favourite view is over Paris (“I love Paris in the springtime…” :D ), which I still remember fondly after having seeing it only once some time ago.
    ps: now the random test post must stay forever on my page, it’s raison d’etre being solely to anchor your comment in place. you have given it a cause! a purpose! it thanks you.

  3. melissa

    I love the clouds in these photos! Gloomy or bright and clear, they always make me feel…light hearted.
    BTW, I agree with you on the wardrobe in Lucky Number Slevin. But, I don’t think you need a certain body type. Just find the right cuts. However, stay away from pleated pants! I hate those things.

  4. Ben Tong

    These are astonishing pics dude! Nice Work! And yea, my site is undergoing a big change! :-P

  5. ashan

    I thought I read somewhere that some fashion guru insisted that despite some belief to the contrary, pleated pants *are* actually more flattering (or something to that effect).

  6. Shay

    Those pics are AMAZING!
    (Yeah, I’m still alive, haha…I am sort of on busy-induced hiatus :P , I guess) good to see you’re still kickin’ it!

  7. kanishah

    Amazing pictures! Is it something about the JET program that makes you guys interested in photography? (ref : Yongfook and mboogiedown) Somehow the reflection of blue sky and clouds off buildings is amazingly beautiful. Btw, what jump?

  8. lizb

    o0o0o i love doing this kind of thing!
    i’ve been up the st louis arch, cn tower in toronto (world’s tallest), and the empire state building.
    the st louis arch was the scariest cause you had to ride in this teeny-tiny little elevator shaped like an egg and somehow three people were supposed to fit…i got kinda freaked out by that but it was really neat once we got up there.
    i’ve been so busy lately…school and work are kicking my ass. this coming saturday i’m working a triple shift. that is sweet.

  9. melissa

    Ah, thank you so much for the info!! I’m always feeling so impatient about technology.