So this is Japan… again.

first of all, let me apologize for my horrible spelling in the last post… as many of you may know, japanese keyboards are quite different than ours, and the keys are not only smaller, but in different places (plus with some weird characters we don`t even have on ours). Plus i was writing it in a hurry … ah, the joys of internet cafes.
speaking of which, I am currently in an internet cafe which is blasting backstreet boys in the background. argh… considering suicide.
The war for japan continues. on the final plane ride over to Kommatsu airport from Tokyo, I got stuck next to this idiot who took every SINGLE CHANCE to let the rest of us know that 1) he graduated from [EDITED] 2) he met [EDITED] 3) he`s part [EDITED] (apparently this is something to brag about…?) 4) (he thinks) he can speak japanese . i had to struggle to not clock this fool in the face with my heavy ass bag of books I got from the orientation.
*[EDIT 11.11.03] – sorry for the censoring this post – but i discovered some of my fellow JETs are reading this blog and I don’t want to make too many enemies!
Fortunately, he and another unbelievably trite girl I know, despite being in my same prefecture, got sent somewhere out in the boonies. There is a god, apparently…?
I don`t know what my feelings are at this current juncture…the hood is….. welll…. i dunno.
i keep trying to tell myself there is much more to the city i haven`t seen yet, but right now i`m teetering on the edge of …. well, something. this is a far cry from the soaring sky scrapers and magnificent seething crowds of tokyo and osaka, the japan i know and love. I know this is a whole other side of Japan which I can grow to like just as much as the massive capitals, but at the same time, i can`t help but have some part of me almost subconsciously start counting down the time left in my contract. My emotions are all over the place. I know I`ve only been here a couple of days, and that there is still so much more of the city i haven`t seen yet but….
there are two sides to japan, i think. One is the facade that all foreigners see straightaway when they come to japan – the breathtaking face of Toko, Osaka, the beauty of Kyoto, the pristineness of Kobe. Then there is the other side, the darker side of the economic miracle. The Japan that got left behind, with its rusted buildings jammed next to rotting wood shacks that haven`t been repainted in 30 years, bordering the rice fields, the blue tarps of the homeless and old women who speak dialects you`ve never heard of with toothless whispers.
*sigh* ganbarimasu.
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