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It’s been forever since I’ve last updated. I apologize for the delay – the demands of real life caught up with me for a bit, and I just haven’t had time to tend to the pandablog. Not this one, at any rate.

soup currah!

The past month saw the coming and (wistfully missed) passing of winter vacation – with all the students out for a couple of weeks, hardworking teachers, one of which I occasionally pretend to be, got to take a well deserved and much needed break. I made the most of mine, cleaning my frighteningly messy apartment (partially at any rate), ironing all of my clothes (the disapproving glances at my rumpled business garb were starting to get more frequent ( -_-);;…), visiting friends, and above all, finally sitting down and coding up the new and improved pandablog, which you are now currently looking at.

Anyway, all work and no play makes for a dull (and tired) panda, so gathering up my last meager savings, I jumped on a plane and jetted off over to the icy frozen tundra of Sapporo to visit my Kittah friend. We had a lovely time, and ate copious amounts of food, including, but not limited to delicious butter ramen (yeah, about as unhealthy as it sounds), refreshing Sapporo beer and a HUGE TURKEY, which really I must say was the highlight of my culinary experience within Hokkaido, especially served to me as it was by a girl wearing a full length panda costume.

I don’t have too much to say on the subject, so for now just amuse yourself by checking the Sapporo I photo gallery.

That about sums up my Hokkaido trip. Next up (probably next month) on the traveling panda’s itinerary is a trip to visit my lovely and talented Pookiebear friend somewhere in the treacherous countryside of Nagasaki prefecture. I’ve promised to bring her a wonderfully squishy and comfortable beanbag cushion and teach her to ride a bike (that ought to be fun in the blustering snow and freezing cold) and she’s promised to cook me all manner of delicious and savory dishes, like the ones she always posts on her blog.

That’s it for now. Keep it real, homies. (we’re being thug today in the House of Panda…)

Now listening to: “Nellie McKay – Sari”
(“Draws comparisons to tow of pop culture’s polar opposites, Doris Day and Eminem” – W Magazine. Thanks kittah!)

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  1. Imported Xanga comments

    I checked out some of the sites.
    I like them <3
    Posted 1/15/2005 at 2:10 pm by in_bed
    At first I was impressed by the super-cuteness of Kittah, but then all the pandas…. Your description of rapture was perfect and hilarious. I like the vicious pandas. My boyfriend used to draw me lots of pandas. Tiny doodles like one I taped to my computer: It’s a very sharp-toothed panda that says “I’ve come to eat your celery!” (I used to eat a lot of celery) – and I’ve decided to copy them and imprint them onto plain dishes. I won’t bother explaining the method. If I get to it soon, I’ll make sure you know about the pictures. I really want a panda costume too!
    Posted 1/15/2005 at 6:56 pm by ClumsyPanda
    you should check out
    they have a very customizable “diary” script that works well with internet explorer, and is perfect for blogging.
    (if you were wondering, i found your blog through momo’s.. coincidentally i am also applying for JET!).
    Posted 1/15/2005 at 11:03 pm by yaxl
    i may suck at darts but i did win us the free beers! when you gonna send me those pictures from the trip! send to my gmail pls *whimper beg* don’t forget you have to return that Nellie CD!! or i will go down to ishikawa and hurt your precious um… well you know what i’d hurt. i’ll look into a panda costume for you ^_^ send me some keitai lovin!!
    Posted 1/15/2005 at 11:10 pm by KittyinJapan

  2. Marty

    Mike, the site looks great. I just wish I had your artistic ability.

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