i’m sorry for the lack of recent updates. a lot has been going on lately – i’ve had a lot of extra responsibilities dropped in my lap, as well as some personal drama that needed to be dealt with. Anyway, things are hopefully starting to get sorted out, and i promise some major updates to the site and the blog in the next couple of days.
For now, enjoy some pictures from a recent weekend jaunt over to osaka. The full photo gallery is forthcoming.
a beautiful sunset from the top of the umeda sky building – 175 meters in the air.
Sunlight and lens flares frame the steep approach to the Kyoto Kyomizudera temple
A truck idles out of place in the middle of a temple scene.
A temple worker walks towards her post selling cheap trinkets to tourists.
The lively dotonburi arcade lights up at night.
also, my thanks to all who commented on the previous posts – i’ve been reading all your blogs, but just haven’t had time to comment. i intend to rectify that as soon as possible!
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( keeping it real once again…)
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