Spring Break

winter sucks

The sight that greeted me this Monday on my way to work…

So winter still hasn’t decided to release its icy death grip on the poor inhabitants of our prefecture, smack dab in the middle of what Japanese like to refer to as yukiguni – “snow country” – and glancing at the calendars to make sure our eyes weren’t deceiving us, Tennis and I decided to go on vacation somewhere way, way down south, in search of warmer climes.

Not much else to write, then. Off for 10 days of relaxation and slow meandering through Kyushu – hopefully trying not to get too lost! Being individuals of rather meager means, we’ve laid hands on a couple of books of seishun 18 kippu (“under 18 tickets“) which, for a little over 10000 yen each, provide you with 5 days of unlimited travel on the JR train lines – the only catch being that you’re limited to taking only the local trains – meaning you get to watch the speedy shinkansen and super-rapids zoom past you at 290 kph while you slowly chug along taking in all the lovely daikon fields surrounding each and every inaka backwater station between you and your destination.


A random macro of a lovely Sunkist orange Tennis brought me for breakfast.

I tend to be a procrastinator, which explains why we didn’t actually get around to buying either the tickets or booking the hotels until yesterday evening, at which point we realized that the only seats available on the long haul overnight segment of the trip down were in the evil, vile wretched smoking car – a place so nasty that after 3 minutes your clothes are ruined forever, your lungs are gasping and wheezing for air, your teeth turn yellow by osmosis and your skin feels like it’s literally covered in nicotine and tar residue. Adding insult to injury, the available seats weren’t even together, which means I get to look forward to some drunken salariman trying to get a little too close as I try to settle in for a fitful bit of rest before the next transfer, one eye open to make sure some other salariman doesn’t get similar ideas with Tennis. (Cue cute over-protective boyfriend machismo). Of course, in the end, we didn’t have a choice, and so heaving a breathy shikata ga nai… (“Don’t have a choice….!“), we booked the seats and vowed to bring a couple of bottles of Febreeze in our luggage.

winter sucks

What to do? I suppose Miyuki puts it best…

And so that’s that. It should be a fun trip – I wrestled long and hard before making the decision to leave the computer and my work at home and make this a proper vacation – it’ll feel strange to be disconnected for such a long time! The main blog probably won’t be updated until I get back, but now that the scripts are working, you can check the moblog over to the right for updates, as hopefully I’ll get a chance to do some photoblogging with my mobile. In particular, I promised my Pookiebear friend that I’d teach her how to ride a bicycle while I’m visiting her, and that should prove worthy of a few pictures! (Or more than a few if she encounters any wayward trees along the way!!! (-_- `);; ). Anyway, we’ll see. Spring break, here we come!

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  1. Liz B

    Oh, the train situation will only make things more interesting ;) haha. I hope you guys have a good time!

  2. Pooky

    I couldn`t get hold of a decent bike, so we`re gonna have to nick the crap one my landlord leaves under my stairwell. I`ve also made you some very manly strawberry cupcakes to welcome you. Very much looking forward to showing you my favourite rice paddies.

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