Squat Toilet

anyway, if you hang around me long enough, chances are you’ve probably heard the deadly trilogy of my japanese toilet experiences (two washiki and one evil Toto robotoilet from hell). For those of you who’ve never seen a squat toilet and don’t get how it all might have gone down (so to speak), please watch this animation:
evil squat toilets
In traditional weblog fashion, I’m going to now inform you all of how I’m feeling with the presumption that you must all care very much (^_^).
I’m feeling somewhat better. But I skipped work tonight and called in sick to the USDA tommorrow (the last thing I need is to be locked in a dark basement room grinding cow forage in a gigantic scary looking machine for 6 hours). So hopefully a little sleep will help me become a healthier panda.
Incidentally, I recieved an A on my technical japanese translation exam. Why is this such a monumentous occassion, you ask? (other than the fact that I can count the number of A’s I’ve received in college on one hand) Because this interminable exam was about diodes. Yes, diodes. For those of you interested in sharpening your japanese skills, here is a random sample:
….aaaannd the (not so great) translation:
Voltage standard Diodes: These utilize the breakdown phenomenon that occurs in alloy or epitaxial pn junctions and are used as voltage regulators. If the temperature coefficient of the Zerner voltage is reduced, (you get) a voltage standard diode, which can be used in place of a cadmium standard cell as a voltage standard.
I think it goes without saying that my complete and utter lack of knowledge about anything remotely related to diodes (despite the fact that I’m currently taking physics) (hey, I don’t get it in any language) puts a damper on my ability to create coherent english translations. Furthering the irony, while I can occasionally babble on about “coefficients of temperature” or some such nonsense, I still don’t know the word for basic stuff like “trout” (as opposed to the all encompassing “sakana” (‘fish’):
Me: “Yes, I would like to have the uhhh…. fish”.
Waitress: “Thank you so much sir, and what kind of fish would you like to have?”
Me (looking around nervously): “Uhhhmm… the red one…?”
Waitress: [starts to rattle off 532 different varieties of red fish]
Me: Uhhmm… .just a moment. [run outside, waitress in tow, to point desperately at the plastic food models like a fresh-off-the-boat tourist]
Such are the consequences of my increasingly unbalanced japanese vocabulary. A girl can be either “pretty” (kirei), “beautiful” (utsukushii) or “cute” (kawaii), but that’s about it. It makes working your game that much harder, for you have to space your three key adjectives out over the span of your conversation, cuz’ once you’ve used them up, that’s it, conversations over!! Yet at the same time, for some ungodly reason, I know the word for “2nd order differential equation” (nikai no bibun houteishiki – 2階の微分方程式).
I’m sorry, there’s not much point to my rambling, so I should stop now. I think I’m high off of these menthol cough drops.
Now listening to: “Enigma: Mea Culpa” (I really really used to be into Enigma…*goes off and starts searching for old enigma CD’s)
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