I talked to M this morning. She’s one and a half days out from Tokyo harbor, and was on her way to the final peace boat orientation when I called. She sounded quite genki, which is great, considering how sick she sounded the last time I talked to her! I can’t wait to see all her pictures from around the world…
Right now I’m at work, far too early on a Thursday morning. I’m only working until 10am, at which point I have to give a speech in my Comm Arts class, which I’ve sort of informally decided is the ast class I’m going to until after Spring Break. I might stop by my genetics class to pick up the problem set or something… Actually, I fear going near the animal science building, since I recently had a death-defying run-in with a crazed squirrel by the main entrance the other day. I was just minding my own business, keeping “it real” on the “fo shizzle” (*i can see cindy cracking up right now*) rocking out in my own little world, playing a little air guitar, when all of a sudden, out of a pile of snow in the right hand corner bursts this little brown furball of big squirrely teeth and claws. He (she?) sort of runs around me a little bit, as if to disconcert me before moving in for the kill, and makes this evil hissssssing sound, sort of like that one time when I was defrosting my fridge with a screwdriver and accidentally punctured a freon tube (freon makes you feel funny…. )… Anyway, I haven’t made it to the ripe old age of 23 by taking stupid risks, so I did what any natural-selection-minded individual would do when confronted with a bad ass squirrel and screamed like a little girl and ran into the building, pushing aside an elderly gentleman in my haste (I assume from the anguished yelps and quickened pace of squirrelish hissing that he didn’t make it…). Ha hah…see, all those long hours spent studying population genetics has paid off – I’m still alive, and he’s not!! SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST BABY! *cough cough…*
So anyway, that’s why I now ph34r animal science with gr34t ph34r. I think I should go review my speech now.
Now listening to: “DMX: X gonna’ give to ya’ ” (good squirrel fighting music!)
9:34 am

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