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just got into a big blow up fight with my crazy ass fuckhead of a roommate (the other three are cool, just this one crazy motherfucker). We almost threw down on the front lawn, seriously. *sigh* I need to just calm the fuck down at this point.
Doesn’t it blow how just one person can ruin your whole life? I mean, your house should be a calm refuge where you can escape from the pressures of the day and find solace. Not some place you dread being because of one asshole. How human beings this irresponsible and fucked up can exist is beyond me. I wish roommates came with a money-back guarentee. This is one bargain bin blue light special motherfucker i would return in a heartbeat. I think the guy that asked this crazy idiot to live with us should have taken the time to actually talk to him for a moment. Cuz’ he would have discovered what was so readily apparent to the rest of us: this guy is a straight-up fuckhead.
I am glad I am leaving here in 2 months. I wonder if I can make it that long? *sigh*
I know I promise I would post something about him today, but I’m too wound up to do that now. So I need to chill. I’m going to call up some random girl I met at the coffee shop yesterday. *sigh*
Now listening to: “Eminem: ‘Kill You’” (somehow it seems so appropriate right now)
10:41 pm

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