Still alive… and at the beach

Yeah, I know it’s been 15 days without an update. I am still alive. I just had an intensely fun but seriously sleep deprived weekend (3 hours in 3 days or so). I need to sleep now.

More pictures and stuffs later on this week (“yeah right, we’ve heard that before!!“). But for now, enjoy panda surveying all the territory over which he rules supreme.

master panda of all I survey

Update soon, I promise folks.

Now listening to: “Team SR – Leaving London”

“Team SR” is actually an alternate name for the group better known as “Signal Runners” (whose song 3000 Miles Away is still one of my all time favourite trance songs). And this new track, Leaving London? I’m definitely feeling it. Awesome. Just awesome.

There’s not much about them out on the web, but you can check out their myspace homepage here.

10 Reactions

  1. Lorelei

    Love the pictures!
    Glad you’re still alive. But who am I to talk – once again I’ve broken my promise to appear on iChat/Skype; for the second week in a row, no less.
    I blame the time difference. Everytime I get home at night and would be able to chat, it’s like 4 am in Japan. Or do you want me to call you up at that time? I’d be happy to!
    Oh yeah, les news: Flying to Austria on Friday! So excited! I wonder if they have pandas there….

  2. kittay

    no fair. there hasnt been blue sky in 3 weeks down here.

  3. Johnny

    one question…
    Who’s holding the camera. *shivers*

  4. andrew

    Where did you go where the sun was shining?
    Is this an older picture..because it seems to be getting too warm for a shirt and a denim Jacket..Unless it Hokkaido…

  5. Pia

    Hey, you managed to get a good profile shot from the ground up! How did you do that???
    Grrr . . . so jealous.

  6. lina

    hi panda
    did you get my postcard?
    i envy your blue sky ;)

  7. Anonymous

    Still alive?
    Yeah right. We’ve heard that before.
    *pictures plague panda from previous post*

  8. Paul

    Errr…. uh…. yeah, that last one would be from your brother. Who is too sleepy to remember to put his name in.