Straight up liquor…

Straight up liquor / with no chaser / make your high come quicker
the plan? simple
the timing? impeccable.
the mission? to get utterly and completely smooshed for several days in a row.
But before this weekends drunken debacle, let’s put up some pictures of random drunkeness at the Essenhaus, perhaps one of the last places in this state were a fellow can get a nice, giant boot filled with beer.
Random friends. (Wait, scratch that – let try this in brit-speak: “some pics of me mates at the pub” ) Are we all ready to drink? Dave (guy in the center) is – he’s already finished several boots at this point. What a trooper. Now it’s panda’s turn.
Drink panda, drink! And be merry! (the stupid lemons kept getting juice in my eyes… OW DAMMIT!)
Nothing like laughing while you’ve got a mouthful of beer. Nothing gets the ladies faster than dribbling spit-beer-lemon seed goop from your mouth. It’s the sort of gesture that has “class” written all over it.
Speaking of ladies…
Buffalo wings? $6.00
Glass boot filled with beer? $10.00
Picture of Steph realizing the full immensity of the tidal wave of beer that comes flooding towards you if you’re not careful and let vaccume pressure build up in the toe*: PRICELESS
There are somethings in life money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s your drunken friends.
*those of you who have ever drunk beer out of a boot will understand…
The three musketeers. Note empty boot clutched in an increasingly unsteady Dave’s hand. Note longing look in panda’s eye as he stares vessel which was formally filled with life-giving beer. Note Scott’s inability to speak.
The sexy trio. Well, two of us are sexy. Dave is just evil. EEEEVVVIIILLL!!!!
So there you have it folks. Don’t you wish you could be in fine cow filled Wisconsin, drinking beer out of glass boots and dancing the chicken dance? (nothing but class here …, nothing but class….)
For any who are interested, we are going to the Oakcrest after midnight tonight. To celebrate our (well, some of our) new found freedom now that we are graduated. Johns buying the first round so . . .
Now listening to: “Shakira – Suerta” (it’s so much cooler in spanish… like most things in life).
10:05 pm

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