Suubun no hi (special megamix)

Tommorrow is the Autumnal Equinox Day – time for Japanese to honor their ancestors and the deceased, and time for me to catch up on my sleep / lesson preparations. The weather has been slowly turning more and more autum-like, which is absolutely thrilling for me. Finally the oppressive dog days of summer are gone! ;)
Anyway, don`t have anything interesting to post today, so please enjoy a picture of the Sai river located right by my house, and the only thing that seperates panda from the seedy, dodgy underbelly of the red-light district located just over the bridge.
Hard to tell, but the sky and the clouds were absolutely majestic.
Now listening to: “Space Brothers – everywhere I go (Push remix)”
(Must resist clicking…on… cheesy vocal trance…channel….urk…argghh… >CLICK< )
6:41 am

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