Swetha learns how to drive. sort of.

It seemed like a good idea at the time…
“Hey guys! I wanna learn how to drive…! Why don’t you teach me!?” she said, excitement visibly dancing across her face.
“Hmm…. yes, i suppose we could do that old chap.” he replied, sipping a cup of coffee while mimicking a stuffy british accent.
“Uhhmm…. are you sure this is sucha good idea?” I chimed in, pondering the caution advocated by the pandas piled atop my head.
“Weeeee…..! This is so much fun!” she exclaimed, exploring what speed reverse gear tops out at; “BRAKES…!” barely audible over the screaming of gears.
“Oh….! Brakes…!?” she shouts back, as the engine redlines in response to a foot plunged deeply and squarely into the accelerator, our necks whipping forwards into dashboards and steering wheels.
“aahhhhhh…” mutual sighs of relief and gratitude for the fence that was there to help bring us to a stop.
Now listening to: “Audioslave – Like a Stone” (doesn’t hurt to change it up every once in a while…!)
12:34 pm

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  1. John

    I realized it was probably bad idea when Swetha nearly hit every car in the big, nearly empty, parking lot of Perkins at 1am in the morning.
    I guess it’s human nature to want to drive BETWEEN parked cars in a parking lot. It’s like one of those fun little obstacle courses.
    Thank God she couldn’t figure out how to back up and the curb took some energy out of the car before the fence stopped us. heh