The Great Tohoku Road Trip – Interlude

Yes, yes I know, you all want to know (omg hi2u mistar presumptious panda!) what happened next after we left the stinky sulfurous gates of hell. I’m working on part II but at the moment have writers block and a busy week at work that has left me too exhausted to write anything. But here’s some foreshadowing for you: it involves mummies.

In the interim, a picture from us tearing up the road, purple eldar-berry style in Yamagata.

driving in yamagata


So I am finally sitting the Japanese proficiency exam this December – level 2, which I am fairly certain I can pass without much stress (ahh famous last words…), but I’m not taking any chances because I need to have that certification in order to get into graduate school in Tokyo next year and they only offer that test once a year.

To that end I’ve been studying quite a bit recently, but have gotten all “textbook-ed out”. So the other day I went out and purchased a couple of Japanese fashion magazines to get a little “real world” reading practice in. I chose fashion magazines because they feature lots of stylish clothes in pretty colours, patterns and shapes, and because I’m like a small bird when it comes to things like that, they are guaranteed to keep my interest.

Long story short, what happened is instead of practicing my reading, I spent three hours looking at all the pictures of clothes, and then, feeling like all my clothes were hopelessly passe, jumped on the internet and ended up spending $1200 I could ill afford (oh credit cards…) on a new suit and shirts and pants and stuff. The best part was when Banana Republic and J-Crew were both like “Oh heys, j00 qualify for free shipping!” and I was like “omgz, for $1200 it’s not exactly free, now is it?”


Then I got all stressed out and couldn’t sleep all night because I was worrying about how I was going to pay off all these clothes I just bought.

fashion magazines


I did finally manage to fall asleep, however, by rocking out to this new(ish) track from my favourite group The Signalrunners. It’s a remix of Sufjan Steven’s “Chicago” and while it’s very club, it’s also very danceable (and if a song can get me, Mr. can’t-move-his-hips-independently-from-his-torso out of my seat and dancing, it’s gotta be at least a little good). As far as I know it hasn’t been released yet (and might actually never be) but through the magic of Teh Intarweb, here it is for j00 to download.

Sufjan Stevens vs. Signalrunners – Chicago (Club Mix)
(08’03″ :: 200kbp vbr .mp3)

I’ll try to finish writing part II on saturday!

Now listening to: umm…. Sufjan Stevens vs. Signalrunners – Chicago (club mix)…?

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  1. Monique

    Ha ha ha!
    Don’t you hate that? Although the most I’ve spent is about $300!
    Yaaay! Tohoku! Say good things about Yamagata….

  2. andrew

    Again thank you for answering my questions about the mac.
    You mentioned, you were going to be taking the J Lang proficiency exam. There is an online site I found kind of helpful. They dont have any clothing ad’s so you dont have to worry about running up another bill.
    they have various lessons as well as sample questions from the different exam levels.
    I hope it helps you

  3. lizb

    i’m not studying japanese anymore. it was fun but i can’t expect to get anywhere with it. i guess something happened to the foreign language prof here last year so the only class they offer is elementary spanish. which actually, i wanted to minor is spanish because that i am good at! i don’t know what’s happening with that now, though. :( wish i’d known before..
    i didn’t write the names on the door. all the doors on my half of the floor had the residents’ names on them when we moved in. i assumed it’s chinese..which i totally can’t read.
    i have never spent that much money on clothes at once!!! you are crazy.

  4. momo

    gah, i can’t wait until i make money. that’s all i ask, a decent salary where i can sock away money for retirement, for imaginary children, for my spouse, for my house and car, for basic living expenses, and still have plenty left over for MY WARDROBE. that three piece on the bottom right looks SO COOL. did you buy something like that?
    right now i want the brando lace boot from frye in black and some english brogue boots. that’s like $500 dollars in shoes. and i don’t even have lady dress shoes. yaar.

  5. moritheil

    I see that splurging on clothing is a global trend now.
    As a measure of my implicit trust in your taste, the remixed Sufjan went straight into my listening directory. It’s quite compelling. Thanks for sharing it!
    Good luck with entrance exams for Tokyo U. :P