The Hood

well, the long wait is over. All in the span of a 3 hours, I got my JET placement in the mail AND a nice long e-mail from my predecessor. The verdict?
[b][Redacted - 10.03.2005][/b] – prefecture, probably in [b][The City Now Referred to as "The Hood" in this Blog][/b] (as garnered from my predecessor’s e-mail).
Hmmmm… I don’t really know how I feel about this. On the one hand, I’m glad I’m not waaaaay out in the sticks (The Hood at least has a decent population). And it’s not like it’s way on the ass end of honshu, either. On the other hand, close as it may be, it’s still a several hour (and several man-yen round trip) train ride away from Osaka. *sigh* I guess that it’s not that bad – like the distance between Madison and Chicago. Plus my predecessor (god, that sounds so profound, doesn’t it? predecessor…! *mimics the matrix* “I am the chosen one. You were my predecessor!” *cough cough* uhh, sorry, geeked out there for a second). Anyway, my predecessor makes it sound like the school doesn’t have a problem with me driving a car, so that should make it even easier. On the other hand, the fact that I might need a car should probably throw up all sorts of warning flares in the mind of those in the know about japan…
The school where I will be teaching at is, in my predecessor’s words: …a part-time high school. It offers a day course and a night course for high school students and adults… The regular students who attend this school are students who struggled in junior high for various reasons. The students come to school for part of the day and are permitted to do part-time work for the remander. They are well behaved as in most Japanese schools but generally, most struggle to learn English. Teaching here can be challenging at times but no work would be enjoyable if it wasn’t challenging [EDITOR'S NOTE: Pfffftttt! on that! obviously he doesn't know i've been spoiled by a cush computer lab job these past few years!]. Also, apparently he read my file, as he (and the rest of the japanese staff as well) seem to believe that I can speak japanese quite well. (dammit why did i have to write how long i studied it for on the application…!? *mukatsuku!!!!*) I guess this means I better get cracking and try and re-learn all the crap I’ve forgotten over the past year. Because people, right now my japanese is crap!They better not expect me to give a damn speech at an enkai or something on the first day. Because, as a very wise man once said: “Homey don’t play that…!!!!”
Well, I’m still up in Green Bay and sleepy as all hell, so I’m going to go and sleep. I am eager for any comments from those of you currently in Japan, especially if you’ve had any experience teaching at one of these, how shall we say, not ichi-ryuu schools before… Anybody ever been to The Hood? Comments? Advice? Blatant finger pointing and ijimeru -ing? (^_-)v
By the way, I just spent 3 hours at Wal-mart. From 10pm – 1:30am. I didn’t buy anything.
Now listening to: “Res – Let Love” (how was I supposed to know it’s pronounced Reese..!!??) 2:32 am

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