The Time Travelers Panda

Thank you all for the supar kind birthday wishes! :) An update is coming soon, just as soon as I finish up this busy week.

La Peste & The Time Traveler's Wife

And by “busy week” I mean watching nonstop zombie and/or vampire movies (seriously, I’ve watched 6 this week and it’s only Wednesday). The thing about zombie/vampire movies is that they have so much promise as a genre, but more often than not, the end Hollywood result is mind numbingly stupid. (cue exasperated sigh) Stupid enough to rub off on the viewer? Well, perhaps so, as it turns out.

So the lovely Matchamonkey sent me this awesome pair of pants from Banana Republic for my birthday. The only problem is that they have a 32″ inseam, and I, being a panda of smaller stature, wear a 30″. No problem. I bust out my measuring tape and sewing machine, and then cut off 2″ off the right leg, then hem them beautifully. Too beautifully, it turns out, as I then absent mindedly proceed to measure and cut off another 2″ on the same leg!

I am addle brained...

Contemplating my stupidity…

I then re-hem the leg I just hemmed, then stand up to admire my handiwork, just to discover that….. I now have a pair of pants with one leg 32″ long, and the other 28″.

*sigh* A perfectly good $50 pair of pants down the drain. *weep* I seriously don’t know how I’ve managed to not kill myself so far in life, I’m so addle brained sometimes.

Now listening to: “DJ Tiesto & BT – Break My Fall (Adam Kay + Pettigrew + Soha Remix)”

9 Reactions

  1. kitty

    did you get a panda mane trim?
    I’m sorry bout you pants. i never bother to hem. i guess thats why i look like a hobo

  2. Shay

    haha that’s no fun. 2 too big and 2 too small, too bad ya can’t ask for another pair ;)
    happy belated birthday by the wya ^_^

  3. Ben

    Ummm… Nice haircut. A little too clean for my style though. I’m more of a messy dude. Hehe.

  4. adele

    Love the haircut. Clean and stylish, yet a little edgy.

  5. Johnny B

    Looks like a Beatles haircut. Oddly, It’s a bit shocking to see it on you. Not what I would expect.
    Definitely different. But is it Panda?

  6. jessica

    i would never in my life have the guts to get out a sewing machine. or needle. or consider hemming. kudos. who knows, it might be the new style. is it the side of pant leg you have to roll up for your bicycle anyway?

  7. moritheil

    Oh my goodness! At least it didn’t happen with your actual legs! (True medical horror stories.)

  8. daydaysunse

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