Made it to Tokyo and back in one piece. The presentation went well, which was good since I was afraid I was going to bore everyone to death! Will write more later on in the weekend.

monkah in shibuya!

Sightseeing in Harajuku…!

Monkah had a good time!

If for whatever reason you’re here looking for the handouts from the presentation, you can find them over at

Now listening to: “Jurassic 5 ft. Nelly Furtado – Thin Line”

Yo, this is a lesson in friendship / The depths of a kinship / What women and men begin with, and then slip

My pen drips / As I scribble my thoughts on thin strips / Of emotion

A fraction, seduction, attraction / Eruption of passion / Corrupts if a lasted friendship’s involved

But love to cross the line /But that’s why we built these walls

(I get shudders every time I hear Chali2na’s voice…!)

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