Top of the Morning

It seems like such a shame to spend 30 minutes dressing up nice and getting ready for work in the morning just to head out the door and have it all ruined by the combination of wind, rain and heat which conspires to turn one into a wet, tussled, sweaty mess in a matter of moments.


Even if one does miraculously manage to avoid all three of the above and make it to work unscathed, then one gets to sit at a desk all day staring idly at a computer screen or stamping and mailing envelopes, the latter being my appointed task for the day.* Often during the day I recall the phrase “all dressed up with nowhere to go” as I sit glumly at my desk, trying to get some work or study done, nice starch shirt slowly wrinkling into a crumpled mess, brushed suit and painstakingly fluffed pocket square noticed by none of the hard working black suited masses swirling around me. All this effort, for what? To whither away under rows of bare florescent bulbs flickering out the pitter patter drops of my waning youth.

*(a job which incidentally I screwed up because I miscalculated the price and instead of 18 envelopes with a single 110-yen stamp each, i ended up with 18 envelopes with an 80-yen stamp, and then three 10-yen stamps appended to each later to correct my error. So instead of using 18 stamps, I used 72. I am awesome. It was a lot of fun explaining to the office lady why I used up so many stamps too. She regarded me with the most baneful rendition of the “how retarded are you, gaijin?” face I have borne witness to in the past few years.

go team me!)

If a panda dresses up in an office, but nobody notices, is he still well appointed?


I took a picture this morning before I headed out the door. Nobody to see but my pandas, and I suppose that shall have to be enough. My pandas, and perhaps maybe one day, my children, flipping through old photo albums of my time in Japan.

“Oh daaaad!!!” they’ll cry. “How vulgar of you to leave two buttons undone! Didn’t you know it is considered bad form to leave anything but the top button undone when wearing an ascot?”

Yes, I suppose I have heard that before. But we all have our own little sartorial indulgences, as crass as others around us might think of them. And I guess this is mine. At least I’m not showing off my bare chest :)

There’s no point to this entry, really. I’ve got a ton of studying to do – the LSAT in June and the JLPT in December requiring constant studying-for from now if I’m ever hoping to the pass 1-kyu. It’s hard to get motivated though. I feel still or almost lethargic. Not depressed or anything. Just… inert. Then again, I am a panda, so perhaps this is par for the course?

Along with this inertia I am also bored, but I am hoping that you gentle readers, might be able to help me with this bit. Is there some topic or item that you would like me to write about in an upcoming entry? Presumably related to Japan, like something you want to know more about, or are interested in, etc. If it involves me taking a little field trip to somewhere in Tokyo or whatever to take photos, that’d be even better. The pandablog can be a blog for the people! Hoorays!

So yeah, tell me what you want me to write about and I will do my best to pick a suggestion and tackle it in the next update or so!

Okay, off to study. Oh and I promise this is the last post in a long while that is going to feature narcissistic pictures of myself.

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  1. Paul

    LSAT? Wikipedia say that LSAT mean:
    * Law School Admission Test
    * Lightweight Small Arms Technologies, a US weapon program
    So… ummm…. are you trying to get into law school, or something much more nefarious? Or something completely unrelated perhaps…

  2. Shay

    The LSAT and JLPT 1-kyu!? That’s a killer…errr incredible combination :P がんばれ!! BEST OF LUCK TO YA. In other news, great pics ^^

  3. kitty

    topic… uh… topic… uh…
    Japanese bakeries. very random, but I’m hungry.
    Miss you jerk.

  4. michaelpanda

    haha well, maybe both, hmm? i’d be a lawyer to watch out for :) I wrote more about it in a letter i sent you last week.
    yeah, tell me about it. not a day goes by where i’m not sitting glumly at my kitchen table, exhausted from work staring at the stacks of books and going to myself “what did i get myself into…!?” lol but oh wellz. 頑張ります!
    miss you too sweetie. i will look into writing up an investigative report on japanese bakeries just for you :)

  5. Veronica

    You are such a GQ Panda.
    Hey, if your getting all wind blown and messed up, you can always put a great big pink banana clip right in the front of your hair!
    Roll like that!
    Love ya,

  6. online games

    hahaha! you’re also a funny man…it really make sense…why just do the opposite having a bad hair day and a messy outfit and when you go out in the house it might do the opposite…well, take care..