Truth in Advertising

Seen at a train yard up north.


Does one applaud this honesty or silently groan at the prospect of spending the next two hours standing shoulder-to-shoulder with smelly obaasans coming back from a weekend at the onsen resort?

In other news…

I currently have an opportunity to pick up a gently used Canon Powershot G2 for a pretty decent price. I’m deeply tempted, especially since this particular model has a manual shutter control of up to 15 seconds, which means I can finally take all those beautiful night time pictures I’m always drooling over on other people’s websites. On the other hand, it’s still a pretty hefty outlay of cash, at least for this poor starving panda, and considering I just finished dropping three man a couple of months ago on my current camera, I just don’t know…


I’m certain I won’t ever see a price this good again, but on the other hand, this rationale leads down a dimly lit path to childhood memories I’m not sure I really want to recall.

“umm, tell me again why we have to buy eight 6-foot high inflatable ghosts again?”

*exhasperated sigh* “BECAUSE as I told you before, THEY’RE ON SALE!”

“but… we don’t have any food and didn’t dad say to try and save money until payday?”

Yes, but your father wouldn’t know a great price on 6-foot high inflatable ghosts if it hit him on the head. Now help me jam one more on the rack under the cart and then we’ll go check out.”

Ahh, memories…. Anyway, I’m a bit stuck as to which way to go. I almost wish someone else would hurry up and buy it to save me from having to make a decision. Because I know which way I’m going to go – I always go for the gadgets, even if it means I’ll have to resort to stealing toilet paper and food from work for the rest of the week.

Because I’m weak. And stupid.


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  1. Marty

    You got to do the coin flip. It’s the ultimate decision maker. You assign heads and tails… flip the coin… and right before you are about to look at the coin, in your mind, you will hope if it will be heads or tails. Discard the coin without looking at it and go with what you hoped for.