So the lovely Miss YJ sent me this equally lovely cashmere scarf out of the blue last month and I promised I would send her a picture of myself vamping deliciously for the camera with it. And now, since I haven’t finished processing the pictures from last few weeks’ worth of adventures, I am going to post it and pretend it counts as a blog update.


Oh deliciously vain sun-dappled panda. What a silly way to start the day!

In other news:

So my mobile phone has this feature where it will scroll constantly updating news tidbits and entertainment info across the top of the screen while it’s idle. Usually I don’t pay it much mind, but last Friday I was stuck in a killer meeting and was really climbing the walls trying to figure out some way to avoid stabbing myself in the head with a chopstick to end my misery (which someone really did last week OMFG!!). To this end, I began rocking it like a high school kid and started playing with my furtively-hidden-under-the-desk mobile phone.

As I’m fooling around with it, the entertainment tidbit at the top updates with the following:


which vaguely translates to something like “My girlfriend and I switched places? Read (part of the book) ‘I and my Girlfriend’s XXX’ for free . . .


An abandoned railway on the outskirts of Tokyo, where aforementioned day ended.

Now when most people see a phrase “My girlfriend’s XXX”, they probably assume something naughty. What did mistar panda assume? I swear to god folks, this is the thought process that went through my head:

“Wow, a Japanese story about Trisomy-X! How fascinating! But I wonder what he means that he switched places with his girlfriend…? Maybe he has Klinfelter Syndrome? Maybe it’s a story about a boy with Klinefelter Syndrome falling in love with a girl suffering from Trisomy-X? That’d be so interesting! I wanna read more!” *click*

In case you are not familiar with Trisomy-X or Klinefelter Syndrome (and there is no reason why you should be unless you are a pathetic geek like me), they refer to genetic disorders where a woman or a man have an extra X chromosome, respectively. (you can read more about them by clicking the links above). In any case, I felt at first disappointed, then profoundly stupid, when I clicked on the link to find that, in fact, “I and my Girlfriend’s XXX” was not about rare genetic disorders.

Sigh just goes to show that you can take the boy out of the geeky science major, but you can’t take the geeky science major out of the boy. Wait. That doesn’t even make sense.

In summary:

1. I am dumb.
2. At least all the money I spent studying genetics in college wasn’t a complete waste.
3. In everyday life “XXX” almost never refers to Trisomy-X, but to something else all together.

Okay that is all for now. Pictures from my recent pottery-making adventure to come soon! Hoorays!

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  1. Marty

    Ok, that’s funny.. Considering what I’m working on right now..

  2. Shay

    That’s a pic of the coolest guy in Japan :P great suit btw. Now everytime I see XXX I’ll think of Trisomy-X, lol. Oh well, better my mind be on genetics than in the gutter right? ^.^

  3. momo

    yo maimai!
    i tried sending you a letter but it was returned! have you moved? please email me your addy again!

  4. momo

    nevermind, i found it!!
    is this how you dress for work everyday!!?? i’m so jealous. pinstripes!!!

  5. jessica

    many giggles were emitted throughout this post by me. you look like a model in the photo.

  6. pin

    have you decided on how much you’re going to stay in japan?
    nice pics as usual.
    i want to learn how to do that hdr stuff. seems complicated.